Facebook group to Support the British Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Big_Show, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. For all those facebook users here on ARSSE (probably not many), there is a group to show support for the British armed forces, whoever and wherever they may be.

    The hope is that it will raise awareness of military affairs amongst the student/teen population of the UK. Needless to say, the bigger the group gets the more people it will reach and the bigger an impact it will have, so please don't refrain from joining and inviting all of your friends. The group will also promote other campaigns such as the support the Covenant campaign that the RBL is running. Anyone wishing to discuss any ideas/suggestions for the group ( which would be extremely welcome) or who is interested in taking an admin role in the group please discuss here or PM me.

    The group can be found here:



  2. I tihnk we'd want to know a lot more about you, before people go compromising their PERSEC?

    Or are you aiming this post at other non-serving civilians or student lurkers on Arrse?
  3. Ahh, leave the kid alone. He's set up a facebook page to show his support for the forces, which is a lot more than most civvies.

    Joining it compromises PERSEC no more than listing the army as your employer, as a lot of people already have on facebook.
  4. [​IMG]

    Look's like the little focker resisted arrest! What a shame! :threaten:
  5. I'm a student doing my A levels at the moment and i hope to join as a Medical officer in the army in the future. Because of this i maintain an active interest in politics and in the army, both modern and historical through newspapers, books, ARRSE, etc. This has lead me to the commonly held conclusion that the forces are undervalued and unnappreciated by the british public, so i thought that this group would be a good way to change that.

    What is PERSEC by the way?

    This is aimed at anyone who has a facebook account, simply signing up to the group is all that is needed to show your supportand, as users of facebook will know, your information can only be seen by those who you authorise.

    Thanks for the heads up CrapSpy, but the sort of thing i will be posting will be information in the public domain, such as news stories posted in the afghanistan thread, e.g. about the appointment of Paddy Ashdown, and the article in the Guardian on saturday.
  6. Good for you young-un. Best wishes for your goals and hope you are successfull.

    PERSEC=Personal security.
  7. Thanks :D , and thanks for the info aswell

  8. There is also a new Facebook group "Support the British Armed Forces Federation". Not restricted to BAFF members. Link HERE.
  9. Good luck on your career The_Big_Show.

    I couldn't figure out how to use facebook.
    I tried, I failed. I'll ask my grandson to set it up, once I figure out how to ask him to do that via 'Texting' on the phone.

    Im trying my best here, its just very confusing