Facebook Group: Forward As One (RSigs)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. A number of people have missed the RV, bad drills... sort it.

    p.s. ArmyNet now has a sharepoint section for RSigs, am working on a TA part.

    p.p.s. FaceBook, now has a TA Sigs group. The group name is not obvious but those on the last trade camp should be able to work it out
  2. Gays-r-us?
  3. Well at least all the R Sigs people won't have to bother coming on Arrse now!
  4. Is it "dont waste spec days on RSIT when you can use them for pi$$ ups"
  5. ARRSE - Officers chit chat and recruits info

    FaceBook - TA NAAFI (and give msr a break from moderating Siggies posts) and for keeping up with mates you met on courses, exercises or ops.

    ArmyNet - Geek info and trade info
  6. You need to get out more.
  7. of course MSR
  8. I rest my case.
  9. Why? You only appear when I moan about moderation and the TA forum being boring
  10. msr

    msr LE

    It's not me...
  11. It's not him.
  12. The TA forum is boring!
  13. You're right Polar - much of it yours.
  14. One aims to please