Facebook fuckup

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joe_Private, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Breaking news is that a submariner has been charged with a breach of the Official Secrets act. No links available yet, for whatever reason.
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  2. Naughty boy. What is it with Submariners? If they're not running round shooting people, they're selling secrets.
  3. A lad was escorted off our premises by special branch just before Christmas. He'd put something on Facebook, though I don't know what. He was dismissed immediately, and will no doubt have had his security clearance revoked.

    If you work with gucci kit, don't plaster it over the internet. Simples.
  4. Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/#!/EdwardDevenney1) was still up an hour or so ago.

    Now been taken down!

    Last tweet was on 6 March.

    He did tweet about his work on a couple of occasions, but nothing obviously dodgy.

    Edited to add: There were no entries for 28 Jan, the day he is accused of having committed his offence, so looks like he pulled those before the account was deleted.
  5. What a ****.
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  6. What a ****.
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  7. It will more than likely be publishing details of an operational submarine's future programme.
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  8. It is totally out of order to speculate about such things.

    It was probably discussing the spec of the Fan Belt on the Motor.
  9. I know I checked his and guess what . . .

    Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions
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  10. What a ****.
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  11. Totally out of order!
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  12. Which motor would that be? Not a 67 Mini perchance?
  13. Even if I tried to explain it to to you in simple language, you just have not got enough brain cells to be able to comprehend what really happened.