Facebook conspiracy theory

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by johnnyutah, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Tin foil hat time.
    A quick (4 min) video for all you budding shami shakrabarti's out there:
    Facebook - What do they really have on you?
    The girl narrating has an extremely annoying nasal voice so be warned but the mulitple links with the CIA and DoD make for good tin foil sales!
  2. LOL Her voice is very annoying your right but i couldnt hear it properly for all the foil raped roung my head lmao
  3. Good job i aint on fart book
  4. "They" are all just playing scrabble on there like the rest of us...anyone for a game?
  5. I think the general theory is balls but it's based on some truths, namely intelligence agencies and marketing companies investing millions in data-mining technology.
    Open source intelligence is a valuable source however most of it is in the deep web where Search Engine Spiders can't go, hence the need for innovating clever spiders which can go into social networking sites and collect data.
    Bottom line: If you publish data on the internet it's public.
  6. Fark me!
    I restricted access to my FB account when I started getting requests/pokes/crap from undergraduate students. This really makes me want to get off the damned thing.

    However - have you seen how hard it is actually to get your facebook account closed? The buggers actually hold on to your data after you have deactivated your account. How to get it actually closed and your data deleted off FB's servers is detailed here and here
  7. Their account deletion policy is an insult to the intelligence of its users.
    They say they can't delete your account until you've manually stripped all its contents and messages etc. Bollocks.
    Anyone who has worked with databases knows how easy it is to delete a record, especially when that record has a unique index in each table (facebook ID number). You just run a query to delete all records from all tables where the ID matches the ID concerned.
    They want to keep your data because its worth money.
    The founder is a c**t. His first version of FB was built using stolen data without students consent for which he lost his internet access at Harvard.