Facebook Arrse Group

Ok, I've started an Arrse Facebook group - I'm not sure how popular it will be, or how many Arrsers are indeed on Facebook.

To try and keep Per Sec, I've made the wall and stuff visable to members only... and to become a member, you have to be accepted by the group administrater... although, to tell the truth searching for British Army on Facebook brings up about 400 names, anyway...

Oh yeah - to find it, just search for "Arrse".

You can write on a wall and stuff :) Although Gunny you might like to know that I have jsut found a "Get Sarah Jane out of here" group!
There are quite a few members of Arrse who have joined the Arrse facebook group now... but from Thursday, the group will become hidden and you will only be able to join if you are invited through Facebook or if you PM me (or some others on here)...

soooo, if you want to join up before then, just search on facebook for ARRSE and the group should come up.
Just to say - there are also a number of Admins who are also able to invite/accept people and will do so after tomorrow...

It's actually working better than I thought, and I've already been put in contact with one old mate tonight.

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