Facebook Arrest/Trial Thingy.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Buzz, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Silly little boys say silly things and this one got him self in mither over it

    BBC News - Demo as court hears Facebook soldier deaths slur charge

    But lo and behold...just who the fook are the fascist twunts with the placards claiming to be the "combined ex-forces"?

    I thought I was pretty up on my arse-hole-recognition but these lot do not seem to be in my copy of "Jane's Fascist Wankers".

    Answers on a postcard please.
  2. He's an odious little gobshite, but are we really putting people on trial for talking bollocks these days?
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  3. If we did, most of ARRSE best start saving for their legal defence.
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  4. Unfortunately yes, I really don't see why though he's obviously a cunt but really he should be entitled to say whatever he likes. The "combined ex-forces" bellends actually annoy me more as if they are genuinely ex military they should know better.
  5. what did he say ?
  6. He said:

    'People gassin about the deaths of soldiers! What about the innocent familys who have been brutally killed.. The women who have been raped.. The children who have been sliced up..! Your enemy’s were the Taliban not innocent harmless familys. All soldiers should DIE & go to HELL! THE LOWLIFE FOKKIN SCUM! gotta problem go cry at your soliders grave & wish him hell because that where he is going..'

    He's clearly just a cock. I don't see the point in prosecuting him.
  7. If people aren't allowed to call us "lowlife fokkin scum" and say that we should all die and go to hell, that's pretty "fokkin" worrying.

    He should be free to say it. We should be free to think (and say) that he's a twat.
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  8. Oh. Can't see why he'd be prosecuted, especially on racial grounds (initially).Just run of the mill cockheadedness, really.
    Frankly, I say worse in the serious forums on here, and don't even get ROPs.
    Perhaps ESL courses and grammar classes could be his sentance.
  9. I am in total agreement that this should never go to trial....................just shoot the cunt.
  10. To be honest, a few of my ex's have said worse to me. I'll be ringing the local constabulary forthwith!
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  11. It's a bit like that nob that's been taken up for slabbering about the footballer that near karked it at the weekend.

    Apparently there's a new law that states "On the internet if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. (Or you will be liable to imprisonment for up to 7 years)"
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  12. As an ex regular of 1 DWR (now 3 Yorks) I take exception to some of the blogs on here. He made the comments on Facebook just after the deaths of six of our number were announced and knew exactly what he was doing. Similar cases but far less serious, namely involving whites commenting on for instance black football players has resulted in their immediate arrest and charge. In this case not only has the charge been downgraded, but he has been given unconditional bail and the police were complicit in "spiriting him away" after todays hearing - a day in which incidentally our fallen were brought home! I suspect that those commenting are also unaware of the racial tensions in Dewsbury where he comes from, which has a very radical muslim community, and of course one of the fallen came from this town! But most disconcerting is the apparent off the cuff comments made - six of our number have lost their lives, this man condones these, and all soldiers deaths! When I was a soldier our first reaction would have been to defend our own -obviously no longer and that is sad. YOUR duty is to protect them and their families and not make flippant comments. If you have any balls (which I doubt) then YOU and all current/ex servicemen should complaint to your MP about the leniency of the charge now being made and furthermore boycott any business owned in part or full by a Pakistani (taxis. take aways, corner shops etc)! It is time that the white population in this country stood up to be counted rather than cow-towing to political correctness.
  13. Not being funny, my paragraph-challenged Chummy, but what the hell are you on about? If everyone who makes comments like him was charged the court system would grind to a halt.

    No one here is supporting his sentiments, but common sense has to prevail. Free speech works both ways, even when you don't like what's been said.

    Edited to add: I just spotted the racist stuff at the end of your post. I was being polite until I saw that... now can I suggest you fuck right off you thick cunt?
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  14. What if they stand up and call you an utter cunt that needs gassed?
  15. Why do people read facebook posts by tossers? Do you just look for things to be outraged by? Facebook has 500 million or so users, some of them, sometime, are going to post something you do like, get over it.