Facebook and security?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Is it wrong to be on that site and have a picture of yourself in uniform?

    Several of us think its ok......
  2. Does it depend on how much information you give in your profile? If you have street name, mobile number and place of Civvie work, whilst wearing uniform in your profile pic, it might be a bit much.

    Or, just don't mention it on FB?
  3. im sure ive seen a TA coy's pics from afghanistan on bebo
  4. Don't have a pic of me in Greens on there. Still I've got my security settings ramped up. You get a name, a picture of me in civvies (grinning like a loon), send message and add to friends. That's it. No view friends, no nuffink.

    If a picture of me turns up and is tagged I'm on to them pdq saying get rid. Simple.

    Paranoid? Maybe but some scrote is always trying to do you over.

    Oh and my mates know my tel no and email so they are not on my profile either.
  5. Forget Facebook........ I've just signed up for Saga Zone. How sad is that?
  6. Not unless there's some deranged maniac out there targetting McDonald's staff.
  7. There's loads of people on facebook with profile pictures of themselves in uniform...half of them are ACF o_O

    Anyway you can alter your settings of course so no-one can see your page in any detail so people you don't know will only see that small profile pic
  8. My profile isn't public, so the only people who can see my profile are my friends, so I figure it's ok to put pics on.
  9. You get more women sniffing around if you are in uniform
  10. People lose jobs and worse because of things they've put on their Facebook / Myspace accounts so I think its sensible to apply the security settings that are featured. On top of that, bear in mind that you don't know who else can see your profile when your friends are viewing it so I'd be careful what kind of stories and information you're putting on there.
  11. Have you seen the STAB hags / Squaddie b*tches that are hanging around??
  12. I think they rely on the fact that 'squaddies' would shag anything that has a pulse when on a night out.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    This really should be added to MATT6.

  14. Only if they're sniffing on a Wednesday night and 2 weekends a month.
  15. Dunno, it appears the last 'weekend' I did had a large ARRSE contingent and we got complimented for our behaviour and manners (by bouncers & lapdancers) several times.

    More worried that the Army would use the facebook site to confirm ARRSE ID's. Seems a bit more mature web site.