Facebook and Security Issues

Is there a protocol or any guidelines when it comes to uploading pictures and other military things online?

It's fairly easy to ping squaddies from the their "This is me in Iraq" profile pictures and this is an issue in itself... but what about any sensitive information that they might upload?

I'm asking this because I've just seen a picture that quite clearly has a restricted label on it. In this instance I feel that the perpetrator is just an idiot but still, are we doing anything to prevent this?

Use the search function, there has been a thread or two on the subject already.

You have to ensure that you do not break any Persec or Opsec regulations.

If in doubt speak to your CoC.
I have to say I forgot to search (but also admit I wouldn't know what to search for!).

I'll have a quick look. Any ideas about what to do with this chopper?

Putting anything on facebook that has a Protective Marking is punishable by a dry bumming. Or should be. With the current threat against servicepersons, at home and abroad, I wouldn't put anything that connected me, the military and my loved ones.

Feast your eyes on this mess:


Seriously, if you've got a Facebook account, have a good look at it and DO assume that if you've got security settings that they don't work. If you see one of your mates or lads/lasses being a Jellyhead, then get a grip of them.
There's a lad in 2 PARA, Mike Golden he's called...he is an expert on PERSEC and Facebook. Watch it though, he is DU nails too.
I go by a very simple rule: Is this picture likely to outrage a Daily Mail reader? If it causes any doubt, don't upload it! Setting your facebook/myspace/bebo etc. to private and not tagging yourself is a good idea too.

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