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Did anyone else see the QRH Col (I can't remember his name) who was on the BBC a couple of hours ago fielding questions from journalists? I was quite impressed with the way that he dealt with questions that at times were either, stupid, leading, or totally barking.

He was clearly completely knackered and eager to get back to his real job, but stood his ground and made the assembled journo's look like a bunch of schoolkids getting a bollocking from the headmaster.

I think that we should have an unofficial ARRSE award for top TV performances during the war, especially when dealing with the bizarre and wonderful world of the media or just generally making us all proud to be squaddies (step forward Lt Col Collins, CO 1 R IRISH).

Can anyone think of any other sterling performances for the TV cameras?  

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Cheers lipstik! I will watch out for Chris Vernon's name next time I tune into the news. Hopefully he'll have an RSM on hand next time to march the journo's in!

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Col Chris Vernon is the official Military Spokesman (Army) for BritFor. I believe on PR matters he is responsible to Grp Capt Al Lockwood. He will likely continue to act as the spokesman for Army activities.


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Particularly enjoyed his answer to the question about policing within Iraq:

"I'm not a policeman. Do I look like a policeman? Does this look like a policeman's uniform?"

His speciality seemed to be withering put-downs of journalists who 'couldn't be expected to understand such technical matters'!



Particularly enjoyed his answer to the question about policing within Iraq:

"I'm not a policeman. Do I look like a policeman? Does this look like a policeman's uniform?"

And:  'for those of you who understand these things'.
liked his repley to the question " how many iraqi soldiers have uk forces killed " by an american i might add. answer " we don't count them we just bury them!"
good answer and who cares anyway. ;D
Chris Vernon has the most fantastic off-hand mannerisms that hardly mask his seething contempt for the journo types. Fantastic.

One person who did impress me today was a Grp Capt (not Al Lockwood this time) who was very articlate and when asked dumb questions by the Sky anchor gave a very unassuming, but superbly concise anser to the question he wanted to answer rather than the one he was asked. Again, utterly superb and all credit to him for saying what needed to be said without obliging the anchor's flights of fancy.


Watched a press conference from the White House earlier by the Asst Def Secretary and some Gen (Machrystal I think).  Asst Def Sec (fiesty female) barked out answers to questions - crisp, clear and concise.  Gen stood there like a muppet, floundered over nearly every question and had to be bailed out by the Asst Def Sec on more than one occasion.

Best one was when one journo asked him about the market incident where he replied "we were not targetting that area".

To which the journo replied "but the last press statement said the missile fell 100m short!"

Cue one flustered US Gen and one not very happy looking Asst Def Sec.

Media Awareness brief for the SPAMs anyone?


It seems that the Yanks do have someone capable of dealing with the press. The news conferences at Central Command HQ in Qatar are now run by Brig Gen Brooks of the US Army. He seems to have his head screwed on correctly and handles the journos in a calm, measured and authorative way, without raising his voice and maintaining control throughout.

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Maybe I saw him yesterday and he was having a bad day but when asked "how many innocenet Iraqi's have been killed by your roadblocks" he said he'd heard of no examples of this "but of Iraqi's killing innocents I can say that more Iraqi civilians are being killed by their own government today than by us".

I presume therefore lying is perfectly OK.  What a C word.

1.  Brit embedded reporter told of USMC engaging and killing three innocents in a car two days ago.

2.  US forces did seven civvies this AM - I suspect none of this is rare.  Even though this one sounds like a put up job.

3.  Is it really the Iraqi government killing civilians if they stick Air Defence assets in towns so that US pilots drop 500 lbs'ers on them.  Where The F are you going to stick an unarmoured missile system?  In (a) the fricking desert or (b) somewhere near the targets that keep getting bombed in Baghdad.

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