Face that fits

Hello chaps and 'lo mates.

As a British, white caucasian in the application process for OPMI the above phrase is something I'm hearing a lot about.
I'm not in the masons and not planning on joining that club. You folks seem to like mentioning what a pat on the back is all about so I need to know quite what you mean by this turn of phrase.

"Face that fits", does that mean nice, middle-class, white boys that have dropped out of university? Well-spoken and not too rough?
Or is it more on the 'potential to bat for the backsides team'?

Is it necessary to have a hobby/interest that one can drop to uphold the image of the int corps being a bit 'special'. I don't know, chess?

There are a fair few insinuations going about and I'm beginning to be worried that it might be more than just people that are a bit along on the bell curve upset they aren't getting the 'treatment' compared to the other soliders.

Me, I wants to do a job and some runs around and have a pleasant drink or two in the process. Is the warning about ambitious individuals that will sh*t on each other to get a better posting?

Your's kindly,

I'm sorry, I am having trouble understanding what you are on about.

Have you failed to get into the INT CORPS and are blaming it on the fact that you are not a Freemason?
To have 'A face that fits' is not about falsehoods or bluffing (IMHO). Its about being right for the job in question.
Some people are naturally good communicators, easy to get along with and work excellently under pressure and can operate comfortably in many enviroments. It is these people whoes face 'fits', what you are aspiring to be is a bluffer (one of the lowest of the low) who has no idea of how to acheive what they want without emulating someone who has already done it. Just try to be yourself, or if you are loud, abrasive and a pain in the arrse, just keep your mouth shut and you should be OK.
There've been murmers and implied implications. I just want to know where these folks are coming from and whether to take them seriously. Masons are a lovely lot but that was only one type of club you pinged from a number of examples.
Looking for straight answers, thanks.
We seem to have a recent outbreak of people translating opinions from the original Serbo Croat via babelfish and then posting here.
anybar said:
We seem to have a recent outbreak of people translating opinions from the original Serbo Croat via babelfish and then posting here.
And translating back again no doubt. What part of Journal do you think he's from?
I'm hoping to work with decent people that will get a job done. Not enter a political snakepit.
A number of members of this forum and the corps have issued warnings, often followed by "All will be made clear...".
I'd just like to be clear on whatever it is they're talking about. Sooner, rather than later.
LostBoss said:
BugsTheBarsteward said:
Looking for straight answers, thanks.
So ask a straight question
Good question LB. Need an infanteer to get to the heart of the problem. That's the problem with us Slime, to convoluted.
I have to keep it simple as I really am stupid.

Now where's Bugs gone? I want to see his fine analytical mind in action
Bugs how it works is you ask a question and we'll have a punt at answering it.

I'm afraid I couldn't untangle your white boy in the Masons post to have a bash.

So what's the question?
Stabbus Backus, slime. What's being fished at here is whether these sorts of reputations are earned or injustly applied. If you can't commit to saying so if it is so, deny it here then drop me a pm, thanks.
I'm with Crap Spy.

I've never had a bad experience with anyone in the Int Corp. I wouldn't have any problem posting here if I had as I am wearing my tin foil hat.
To break with this trend, here be the simple answer you are looking for!

"Face that fits" - simply means you are not a "backside" the definition of which is dependant on many factors.

To drop back into the context of the other replies, there are many whose faces do not fit. But, they tend to fit in their particular corner of the world, and thus fit with like people. The people whose faces fit from the get go likewise get on with other people whose faces fit and therefore sometimes do not get along too well with those people whose faces only fit in the little corner....the same thing you will find whatever you do whether it be in the military or elsewhere. :wink:
If you are so concerned about the Corps attitudes and reputation before you have even joined, I suggest you look elsewhere. In fact, don't join, there are too many thrusting youngsters nicking courses, promotion slots and bar spaces that I want as it is.

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