Face or body as a lead shag target indicator?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 25, 2004.

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  2. Face first

  1. An important question.

    Is it best to go for the fat biffa who has a really really nice boat, or the BOBFOC - Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch?

    I need to know.
  2. The phrase "beggars can't be choosers" comes to mind here..............from a woman's perspective it's the one who makes us laugh - which is most of you actually :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Whats your gender preference Bravo?
  4. Good point but i'd have to say shoes! If his shoes look shite then i wouldn't bother looking up. Not sure why but..... :? :D
  5. Cait

    Although there is no physical difference between the inside of a mans and a womans mouth, I bat hetro.

    If you know how I can get my hands on brain substitutes like those in your piccie puh-LEASE let me know.
  6. what if she's got a nice personality :?
  7. you mean a moustache?
  8. :( .............yes.
  9. OMG does this mean if i shave mine's i'll have no personality?????? 8O
  10. leave that bit of beard you've got and you'll pass muster :wink:
  11. Face every time.

    If she's carrying a bit of excess, she will invariably admit it, and will submit to your scheme to help her get rid of the excess , using "Approved Army methods"

    Which will involve your future bonk wearing your webbing and bergan, getting beasted round an airfield :D

    So, she'll be slim, fit , grateful and still a knockout.

    Mind you, I did watch that thing on C4 about Boat transplants. Hmmmmmm
  12. Good point but i'd have to say shoes! If his shoes look shite then i wouldn't bother looking up. Not sure why but..... :? :D[/quote]

    Very good point - I absolutely agree - nothing worse than grey slip ons - especially with white socks! I don't like beards or moustaches either but that's just my preference
  13. whow!
    that's okay then.....


    there are a few things guys should know

    1) scuffed shoes.....yuck
    2) dress shoes or dark casuals with white socks.....yuck
    3) trousers and shoes an inch apart.....yuck
    4) trousers wrinkled....yuck
    5) no belt......yuck
    6) t-shirt tucked in.....yuck
    7) dress shirt untucked....yuck
    8) wrinkled shirt or t-shirt....yuck
    9) washed out sweaters....yuck
    10) cardigans, unless grandather....yuck
    11) tie an inch from trouser waist band.....yuck
    12) dress jacket not matching dress trousers.....yuck
    13) dress jacket and sweater.....yuck
    14) basball caps, unless builder bloke.....yuck
    15) bad teeth....yuck
    16) untidy hair.....yuck
    17) no use of deodorant or aftershave....yuck
    18) elastic bottom jogging pants....yuck
    19) any jogging pants out side of ones own home....yuck
    20) socks with shorts....yuck

    i'm sure there are more, but those are the basics......... and any of these, no matter how great your 'personality' is will not result in a sh*g worth having......

    oh i forgot! men! almost ANY sh*g is worth having!

  14. Thought you sounded familiar......................
  15. Or you good always go for the fit bod, then insist she wears a bag over her mush.....s&m stylie! 8O