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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Big Doc, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. What's all that about then??? I wasn't aware there was a forward air control unit in the TA. or have I read it wrong??? It is based in Bath.
  2. you are quite right there is an FAC troop in Bath well done for finding it on tinternet.
  3. Anyone know anything about it?? It seems quite interesting but I can't find any info about it. What capbadge does it come under etc
  4. FAC's are all sorts of cap badges. the TACP lads are RSigs
  5. Is there a link on the WWW?
  6. Toms as forniup mentions are siggies, most of us are from other units Arty, infantry etc, but badged scalley. Job for us involves driving, operating the tecnical kit and radio maintainance. Orfices don't like living in the field, hotels are the preferred accomodation type.. I kid you not.

    Depending on your background and availability, it is possible for the Tom's within the TACP to do the FAC course. Its 4 weeks straight off and then you are expected to get so many controls to remain combat ready. Controls are mainly done during the week, crabs don't fly much at the weekend,..beer to be drunk etc . So if you go that route it can commitment heavy.

    All the FAC's in Bath are currently Orfices, no toms yet.

    It can be interesting, but you are driven by what the orfice wants or not as the case maybe, its not like Arty Foo teams, Toms do all the work there..

    Having said that, the boys are a good crew, .. even Forniup!xx
  7. Reference Tooldtodieyoung's post, although it made everyone here giggle immensely, you may wish a more balanced view of what being an FAC actually entails.

    The bit about hotels is quite true, although it has more to do with the lack of accommodation near most of the ranges than anything else. That, and the fact that the RAF have a huge buy-in to the FAC community...

    I love the factoid about 'Toms doing all the work in FOO parties'. From my dimly remembered FOO days (before I was an FAC), I distinctly remember that 'the FOO is for tactical stuff, the Ack is for technical stuff'.

    I must be wrong. :D
  8. Hmmmmm

    JFACTSU would no doubt disagree with your "billy aged 5" assessment of what an FAC does

    Have you been to NorthAllerton? :lol:
  9. I am considering transfering, so what exactly does the FAC doe? I looked at the TA website and it mention they have drill nights, is this true? I come from the AAC ex reg and now TA, this means no drill nights, flexibilty on annual camp, and chance for some extra days. Does the FAC have a good reputation or is it a typical meet every week and weekend TA unit.
  10. The troop do have drill nights and are co located with 43 Sig Sqn (both admined by 21 sigsso get Reg scaling for kit etc) As for tooldtodie young believe me he aint calld that for no reason. Bear this in mind when laughing at him as i was always told to respect my elders. Even if they were cynical old gits
  11. Cant do drill nights damn, i live in Brighton. I travel to Wilts to the AAC but get paid res to pod and there isn't any drill nights.
  12. Forniup is right.. I am getting to be a cynical old git.. but I am old so you will have to forgive my cynical views.

    Key thing is though is that if you join as an Officer the JFACTSU course is damn tough,4 weeks straight off. keeping current even tougher. Its hopeful that some of us will do the course over the next 2 years.But taskings are during the week which means having a flexible employer. The hook up with the RAF is a close one.. they pay the bills, understand what you say re hotels but the simple fact is that TA FAC's spend very little time in the field .

    If you choose to join as a tom, its as I said driving and assisting, but not getting involved in quite the same way as an ACK or BC's ACk would do with the Arty. With over 17 years on FOO teams latterly as BC's Ack, armoured and latterly airborne, I can tell you that the NCO has more involvement in the planning and execution process of a fire mission or fire plan than supporting an FAC..

    On Telic 2 the bulk of our time was driving (11,000 km from our work tcikets!)and equipment maintenance..Although the FAC's did get good experience of working with our US cousins who supplied much of the air.

    I am just trying.. this time a bit more seriously to give you an insight as to the job..

    My apologies for ruffling any feathers.. I will go an polish my zimmer frame!
  13. Is there anyone on here from this unit? I have contacted them and will visit them soon to get my own opinion.
  14. Forniup and myself are both in the troop currently.. if thats a help.