FAC revoked.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Fiona_TG, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Just looking at this article on the BBC. BBC News - Bristol magistrate Tim Marter 'to step down' down after conviction

    Being an FAC holder and never having had a visit from the police, I wondered if they ever did so or if they just didn't bother. I am confident they would find no issues with anything they would find here but for anyone tempted to think about straying outside the confines of the Ts&Cs of their FAC, maybe the news shows it is best to think again.

    Has anyone ever had the local law drop in to check things out and if so how did it go for you?
  2. Unless they counted them at renewal I can't see how they would know. My immediate thought in this case is that there is something more to it.
  3. Sounds truly bizarre. Never had a spot check, nor has the FEO been the least bit interested in ammo stocks come renewal time. Sounds like either he was stitched up or the landlord was up to no good and this chap copped it collaterally.
  4. I did wonder if he had been grassed up by someone rather than a chance visit but does the law ever make these ad-hoc, just popped round to check that everything is in order, surprise visits? I had been under the impression to expect this but have not seen of heard from the local plod since.
  5. This snippet from the linked article may have the answer.....

    "......He said his attention had been elsewhere as he was going through a break-up with his wife."

    Lesson is make sure your compliant with the terms on your FAC if you pish off the missus, mother In law or mates GF.
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  6. Well I guess however it happened it is a fair cop guv. Stick to the rules otherwise risk the consequences.
  7. Did have two Police Officers call unexpectedly to inspect my shotgun and gun cabinet, but that only happened once. They did not ask about ammunition.
  8. As far as I know surprise visit can be responded to with a "Sorry its not convenient now , but you can come back tomorrow " ,FAC holder then scuttles around the house locking up all guns and ammo he`d not put away after last nights shoot.

  9. A bit hazy on this but if they've been tipped off that a breach of what is in effect a potentially serious Act (Firearms Act 1968 ), would they not have reasonable grounds for entering the premises without a warrant despite the 'stalling tactics' of the home owner.

    ..or of course they could apply to the magistrate for a search warrant.
  10. I would be very surprised - and suspicious - if anyone rolled up at my front door and said ' I am a police officer - show me your firearms'. In fact, I think Wilts Police have said they will never do it. But I think Wilts are considerably more relaxed about the whole thing than Somerset & Avon.
  11. It's a technical offence that should never have been brought to court. Unfortunately, it is fairly typical of the attitude of some police so that they can say: "Look we've done something about armed crime". Unless there is more to his than meets the eye (which is of course possible.) It's utter bollocks.

    No and they would be sent away again. Followed by stiff letter our local P&CC, copied to the Chief Constable. They have no right to visit FAC/SGC Holders on so called "spot checks". For the police to do so is a complete waste of police manpower and, at best, will only catch a few technical offences such as that reported.
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  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well done somerset and avon, a great use of taxpayers money, destroying someones free career in public service and dealing a blow to armed criminal everywhere. I bet the yardies are quaking in their boots waiting for the Met FEO to come a calling!
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