FAC Requirements???

Good afternoon all. Does anyone know if there is currently any official requirements that are deemed neccesary to attend the Forward Air Controller course, at least the first phase (LCR) here in the UK? Im asking with regards to Infantry FAC not Artillery or RAF Regiment. Any info anyone has would be great, otherwise ill just ask the RCMO after leave ,cheers folks.
Hello Skinn Full. You need to be a substantive cpl and have a colour perception score of 2 or better. It is preferable that you have some kind of 'fires' background, but not vital. An agile mind will help, as will an ability to read maps (you'd be surprised!). Not sure what you mean about Inf, RA and RAF Regt FACs. FACs are FACs and they each do the same course. You will need a FAC line number to get on the cse. You can't just get on the cse because your CO thinks that it will come in handy. Nice as that would be, JFACTSU does not have the capacity at the moment. If you would like any more specifics or contacts nos, pm me.

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