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Has anyone had any dealings with the Lancashire Police FLO/ FAC liasion team in applying for an FAC? I've heard stories saying they can be a bit funny( not in a comical way :wink: ) compared to Merseyside or Greater Manchester equivalents when applying e.g a little more strict possibly? :?


GMP are complete toss pots.

Lancashire did have a reputation for being awkward. Don't know if it still stands.
Just proceed with your application. As long as you're not mad or bad and are a member of a club or have some land to shoot over you'll just get it.


How about Devon & Cornwall? Giving serious consideration to punching holes at distance for the fun of it.


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msr said:
GMP are complete toss pots.


I found GMP to be spot on! Had my visit 4 days after I posted my application for an SGC and had the certificate 5 days after that!

Edit -Just re-read that and it came across a little arrsey. Not my intention!
I have found my experience with Firearms departments positive having held a certificate in two separate Police force areas.

Generally if you provide plenty of evidence i.e. clubs you are a member of or land which you have permission to shoot on suitable for the calibres you want to possess, there are no problems.

Ammunition can be a pain as there will be issues if you say plan on stalking once a year but want to possess 200 rounds which could be deemed unreasonable.

Bottom line is that the firearms staff are doing their job and as long as you fill the forms correctly and provide evidence for the points I have mentioned, no problemo and you get your certificate fairly quickly.

Keep on top of your referees sending back forms as this can slow down the process. Good news is renewals are fairly painless!!

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