FAC/JTAC Course - still All Arms?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Super_Crow, May 7, 2012.

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  1. What's the distinction between FAC and JTAC and is/are the course(s) still all-arms?
  2. They are both the same FAC Forward air controller is the British name, JTAC Joint terminal Air controller is what the US call them. The course is still open to all arms.
  3. Thanks a lot - any idea how many places/courses run a year?
  4. Not sure you will need to speak to your brigade air cell, or tacp. You need to get on a pre pre course about 3 days held by your tacp, the sub fac will sign you off to then attended the pre course testing at RAF Lemming before they will load you onto the 8 week Cse.
  5. I believe the last course had 19 students and was 7 weeks long. Not sure how many courses are run a year.

    Capbadges included RAF Regt, Cavalry and RA.
  6. Roughly 5 courses per year. You must be a substantive Cpl and not colour blind. As already stated, need a Subfac to sign you off before attending PCS (Pre Course Screening) at Leeming. Map reading skills must be excellent. You'll be surprised at the number of people who got their east and west mixed up when a bit of (self induced) pressure was added.
  7. You will only get the course if your in a FAC/JTAC pid within your Bde for Herrick, or your posted to a TACp as an officer(2 i/c TACP are the SNCO and need to have done a tour already as a FAC/JTAC. Of course if your SF you get it, as well as RAF reg. Your BDE SupFAC will hold unit pre-course screening followed by STANEVAL pre-course screening before you attend the course held at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.It's a 7 week basic course followed by a good few months of training ran by your Div/Bde SupFAC. There is a difference between JTAC/FAC and as stated before the confusion happens when working with the U.S. Military, however as far as UK is concerned it's the same. It's a great job however be prepped for some serious time away.
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  8. Reference the TACP 2ic being an already toured FAC, not true anymore as you can come straight off the FAC course and on to the TACP course, depending on places available.
  9. I've passed my Bde pre course for FAC and my next step is the screening at RAF Leeming.
    Any tips for the course or anything in particular I should concentrate on for preparation?
  10. Sorry mate your incorrect check out JSP 498 , of course you got the odd RAF Reg punter getting squared away. But the JSP is the gospel.
  11. Map reading, Compass in degrees not mils, and in your ears back on the course. The hard work and the real learning starts if you pass the cours.
  12. Joint Terminal Attack Controller. Not that it matters.
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  13. Interesting, none of the TACP 2ics at my place have toured as an FST FAC first! The 'ROMADs' are the most experienced guys in the TACPs as it stands.
  14. Map Reading and the ability to talk to some (nato planes) not any comms speak
  15. Seems noddy, but make sure you can get your 'east' and 'west' correct when there is a bit of pressure. An RA Sgt on my PCS kept getting them mixed up. Unsurprisingly, he failed.... Map reading in degrees as previously said. Look at contours too, so you can say what a feature is (ie a spur or ridge) from the contours.