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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tally_target, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. For FAC/JTAC/TACP stuff . OPSEC allowing
  2. Fcuks sake tally, a forum just for three of us? I've told my German Tornado story all the rest are boring, oh except for the the one who called Mayday engine out as I was about to clear him, we all shit it and started to flap and he came back on successful re-light did the drop and RTB'd straight after. He was British naturally. :wink:
  3. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Great, somewhere to talk about microlight 'dragoons' :D
  4. I know for a Fact there around a dozen FACs lurking and a few Stealth usernames. Just watch your dits as as you know it's a bloody small world. Any Tain dits ?
  5. How do you know there isn't already a forum, just hidden from you...?
  6. Not really, but have got a few Loch Ewe ones.
  7. Well our world is a small one. If there was a secret forum , I hope someone would have let it slip. Gok
  8. Drumacholk hotel with the whiskey per chance?
  9. Oh yes, and the gunner girl in the HVM Stormer, but that's more of a NAAFI Bar story. :wink:
  10. "Slizzling" hot in that HVM I take it? Good drills. All for crimes against the RA.
  11. The 346 AE had an alternate use that day. :wink:
  12. Good skills that man!!! :D
  13. Just the tip of the Iceberg me thinks.How about some dodgy control dits?
  14. Well if you get a FAC forum I want a Para one.

    Or i'll start crying.
  15. Falls go for it bud. Lets see how long it goes before you get mongs on it. At least with our job nobody knows much about it. A para one will get all types of pretenders on it. I guess you could police it like a Nazi.