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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by he_who_dares, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if any of you gunner types can help me out. I am currently an FAC in a none RA unit. I have been shafted career/promotion wise so I was looking into to a tranfer to the RA because I have been told FAC will be a dedicated career stream.I have have a chat with MCM and the chap there said ''yes you can be an FAC until your a WO2.It all sounded too good to be true.I enquired a little further with an RA regiment I have been on exercise recently,and they said ''nope you will have to be an OP ACK first''
    I dont want to stab myself in the back and put my papers in to transfer.then to find out I have to do the whole ack gunner thing.I am a little long in the tooth to be starting again.If I do put my papers in I will be burning a massive bridge with my old unit.Have any of my learned RA fellow posters got any information on this. Its a massive step for me ,so before I commit myself to it I want to make sure I have the real info and not some ''recruiting bollax''that MCM tend to put out(promising the world etc ) I thank you in advance.I know the RA can be a little more ''shiney'' than most corps however it would be worth it If I can carry on as a FAC until I leave at the end of my 22.

    Cheers in advance

    Edit due to my error.
  2. How to win friends and influence people.....
  3. 29 cdo regt ra have FAC's but you need to treble hat as a naval gunfire observer and artillery spotter

    plus have to pass the commando course and be selected to serve with 148 Battery!
  4. I don't see how you would be able to transfer to the RA purely to join TAC-P (presumably what you mean).

    To be an FAC on a FST (formerly FOO party), you would need to be an OP ACK.

    An idea for you is to try and get a posting to a Bde TAC-P - I know they are screaming for personnel - my Bde here has 2 TAC-Ps on paper:

    2 OCs
    2 2ICs (Sgts, both RA)
    2 Acks (1x RA, 1xFR - Cav)

    so they only have 1 and a half crews. The posts for OC are army wide trawls, the posts for 2IC are RA tied (I believe, but might be wrong), but the posts for Ack are also Army wide. Every Bde now looks after 2 TACPs, probably similarly undermanned. You could join in your rank and pick up the other skills to potentially stay further up the ranks.

    My Sgt Maj was TACP from Bdr to WO2 (promoted into role, promoted to leave).

    Without knowing your rank I dont know where you would slot in, but to transfer to the Gunners without being OP trained would be a risk. We gained an Inf Mortars MFC, a Cpl, he did his OP quals and carried on as an OP Ack - the new make up of FSTs for op deployments will probably see him trained as an FAC.

    Presumably if you transfered to RA as an FAC, no Arty/Mors direction experience, you would have to do OPA courses. One potential glimmer for you is that they are supposed to be changing the rules soon to allow Signals trained pax to jump to Level 3 OPA from L2 sigs - ie not doing L2 OPA first - as I said, without knowing your trade and quals I dont know where you would slot into a Bty Tac Gp.

    Another chance would be to move to the FR Tac Gp Bty. Under FAS all RA regiments now have a TAC GP BTY (BC, BC party, 2xFOOs, FPC) to provide support to FR regiments. They are undermanned and may be able to take you on as an FAC with Sigs experience and train you as OPA in slow time - my Bty would! you would have the FAC part cracked and therefore require only the OPA bit.

    So to summarise:

    Try for a TACP (2 per Bde)
    Try for RA (no guarantee of not needing to do OPA quals or at what level)
    Try for an RA FR Tac Gp Bty (1 per Regt) - may take you on.

    If this is a bit garbled (I haven't had my coffee yet) then PM me for further clarity.
  5. In other words you've p*ssed on your copy book,got a cr*p CR,ceilinged big time in promo stakes and think you can switch to the RA where you wll be welcomed with open arms because we're so '****' ,plus we'll be so gratefull and promote you way above your abilities.
    Sounds like you are better off where you but you don't know it or maybe they just do not want you or promote you!!!
  6. Cheers for help lads, a few good PM's as well.Ref the HAT yes mate I can see where my post may sound a little rude and for that I am sorry,no offence ment. There are a few reasons why I want to Tx the main one being FAC/J-FIRES is the way ahead. I have FAC skills that my current corp will only allow me to use for another few years then I would have to mve on. I want to stay FAC and pick up some more J-FIRE skills .The RA is the only corp that could offer me that.

    I will change my first post from''****'' to ''shiney''.

  7. Apology accepted! however the glorious Regiment is not a Corps!
    Thought of 4/73 Bty? its all arms etc with oppurtunity to transfer!
    Remember Regt not Corps :wink:
    Good luck with your quest!!!