Fabulous Willy

Surely you can't say that on telly?

Fabulous Willy - Best in Show?

I'm writing to my MP.
You complaining that you didn't get the 'fabulous willy?'

try that plastic one in your bedside drawer
Crufts needs a serious revamp.

A cat just won it.


War Hero
At least the roll of andrex at the end didn't win it.


What? Gay dogs or gay show, either way it was before the 9 o'clock watershed and should have carried a suitable warning at least, all that filthy talk of bitches. disgraceful! :shock:


Seeing the way his handler minced his way around the arena with him and the way the owner loving brushed him before he went out I can see they loved their Fabulous Willey (I bet!!!!)


War Hero
Praetorian said:
Crufts needs a serious revamp.

A cat just won it.
That's cattist Prae, equal opportunities and all that :razz:
It's fiercely competitive out there, practically dog eat dog IMHO.
I was going to ask why so many ARRSErs have dogs as their avatar, but then realised what mine was. :confused:

I think this weekends drinking has done permanent damage.
Poodled your brain?

Would post more but I'm off for a long lazy shitzu.
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