Discussion in 'Sappers' started by masher69, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. after training what kind of posting can you look foward to, type of regiment ect , also is this a better trade than REME metalsmith, ie more hands on the kit doing the job you train for or will it take second place to genral sapper work. cheers all (my boy can not make up his mind what to apply for)
  2. There are a great many "FABRICATORS" on this site :roll:
  3. When you join the RE you are a Soldier first, Combat Engineer second and Tradesman last. Although this doesn't mean he won't get to use his trade but will depend on tours and postings.
  4. you will hardly touch it pal, it is a dead trade BUT look forward to filling Hesco
  5. what is the best trade then, that is good on civvy street aswell, or should he just serve his time with a civvy company???
  6. Any of the Artisan trades, chippy, bricky etc. If he likes messing about with big bits of kit Plant Operator or Plant Fitter although they tend to get some stick for being pie munchers (but it's all a lie the pixies made me do it).
  7. i have posted before about plantie and it looks good, my boy just liked the look of the fabricaor role , thought it might have good prospects when he leaves the army, but if you suffer from skills fade all the time may be not such a good job,
  8. i am biased here but you cannot beat sparks as a trade, plumber & fridge mech are also good trades.
  9. The Sappers are such a varied lot that we pick up our work experience from the Troops Squadrons and Regiments that we serve with.
    Sappers get posted every three years or so (unless your in a specialist unit) and every Unit has a different role.
    Sappers are on the cutting edge of technology from Civil's work through to Astrophysics.
    See the picture below, the Sappers invented search lights using old Concrete mixers.

    Now thats innovation for you :D

  10. 'scuse me for being tardy to the party! to elaborate, a fabricator's trade is threefold, initialy as a class2 ME FAB, they are trained as welder's, sheet metal worker's and blacksmith's, but at a very basic level. after a period at a regiment, (usually 2-3 Yrs) you go back to do a class 1 in either of the three trades.
    being a class1 welder offers you the oportunity to do spec welding course's. and if your lucky enough to be posted to the Engineers' bulk fuel team at Chilwell, you can get coded qual's, which are expensive to atain in civvy st, and blokes with them are highly sought after. i have a mate who went this route and emigrated to Oz on the back of these quals and his experience.
    now the bad news, as a Fabricator, you are a fieldie, and as such will rarely get to do the trade unless you push for a posting to a unit that use's them, ie a field support squadron. so you will find yourself filling hesco and doing bridging etc. not all bad, i've had some quality years, and even used my trade on ocassion, more so on tours.
    hope this helps, and isn't too late.
    good luck to your lad, whatever trade route he goes.