Fabric paint on webbing

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Dstarks, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone used or have any recommendations for paint which would dye my webbing a sandy colour

  2. why would you want to?
  3. I've noticed that if I pick up one of my love-tissues, that are approx 6 days old, they've turned a sandy brown colour. Perhaps you could try wanking over your webbing?
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  4. My webbing is brighter than normal and so sticks out and looks too new. It seems dirt proof as it has had a fair share of abuse
  5. Rope your webbing onto the back of a wagon and go off-roading with it bouncing around merrily behind you. Will age your webbing in no time.

    When did you last see a painted bush outside of Disneyland?

  6. ^^ try harder
  7. Strap it to a Mastiff for five mins that'll sort it, you'll never get all that fine dust out, still finding it in my socks.
  8. Speak to Bravo_Bravo on here. I imagine he's a dab hand at making his rig look used.
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  9. Get a grip and join up
  10. What's wrong with it looking new? I haven't seen anything looking new issuied to anyone in my unit for years.
  11. It's a fair shout. Just look a bit gay with it looking brand spanking
  12. Why not give it to that soapdodger off strangeways last night. A week with him it'll look nice and tanned. Scruffy Cnut. Anyone see his nails? Nice
  13. hehehe, aww you're a pure **** Get some time in you ******* N I G
  14. Cheers. Advice is much appreciated
  15. Read through the words cunto, best advice you'll ever get, don't worry about superfluous crap ever ever.