Fabric paint on webbing

I've noticed that if I pick up one of my love-tissues, that are approx 6 days old, they've turned a sandy brown colour. Perhaps you could try wanking over your webbing?
My webbing is brighter than normal and so sticks out and looks too new. It seems dirt proof as it has had a fair share of abuse
Strap it to a Mastiff for five mins that'll sort it, you'll never get all that fine dust out, still finding it in my socks.


What's wrong with it looking new? I haven't seen anything looking new issuied to anyone in my unit for years.


Why not give it to that soapdodger off strangeways last night. A week with him it'll look nice and tanned. Scruffy Cnut. Anyone see his nails? Nice


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just use bog standard car paint to dull it, out purple is a good colour :)
If you give it to a real soldier he will take it away for six months and get it looking used for you. Might even get a 7.62mm hole or two in it to add to the authentic 'used' look.
krylon is the daddy for spray painting equipment. But for you to age/dull your webbing I would find/make a big muddy puddle and chuck it in there get it covered dry it out and try brush it out with a dry scrubbing brush.


I just used regular fabric paint to turn my Coyote Tan daysack in to something like DPM. It give it that well worn look, mind you I have been using it for 6 years so that might have helped.

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