Fablon/Sticky back plastic..where can i get it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Superman, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Ok,

    There was a topic on here about where to buy fablon/sticky back plastic but the onle answer given was to get it from Staples, after looking I can't get any there. Does anyone know of anywhere when I can get a roll of this because I'm finding it really hard to locate. I've done searches on WHsmiths and Staples websites and even google but had no joy. Cheers for the help.

  2. get into the shops themselves - chr1st try tescos
  3. I did have a look around in town the other day but no luck.

    I'll try Tesco's cheers.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Give the lad a Blue Peter Badge!!
    ("Get don ,Shep!!Leave me leg aloone"")
  5. I'm sure blue peter used it all up its so hard to find.

    Cheers for the link...to answer my own question and to anyone else looking you can get transparent fablon from focus.

    Transparent fablon from Focus
  6. Partners sell it.
  7. See your CQMS and get him to demand it through the QM (T) via an expense demand. Unless of course you're a civvy..........................then post on an army web site asking where you can get it.
  8. surely your local half decent art shop would stock it or be able to send you on your way to somewhere that sells it
  9. seen it at b and q as well
  10. Rolls of the stuff in my local Pound Shop.
  11. Its a QM demand not a stationary demand so your QM's dept will have the NSN. If you don't understand the last sentence then F**K off to WH Smith!!!!!
  12. I tried through the QM and got told to demand it through the stationary account, :? must be something to do with budgets...... :roll:
  13. Well F@ck me, what in my post incited anyone to be a total tube in responding to my question? It was a decent question which had already been answered surely?

    in resonpnse to why dont I go to the CQMS....Is nobody else on leave at the moment? Unlucky because I am. I could ask the CQMS for all the goodies in the world but he's probbaly on holiday somewhere hot right now, which is where I wish was and not getting abuse for asking a perfectly reasonable question.