Discussion in 'Officers' started by drodri111, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. I'm going to Sandhurst next year, but why the fcuk is everyone saying we need 1000000000m of fablon, 100000000000 lamination pouches + a laminator?

    Surely all you need to laminate is a few warning orders and estimate sheets?
  2. They aren't, and if they are, they're wrong. See extensive thread above, and don't buy anything until you've attended the Briefing Course.
  3. done briefing & main board already. i'm in the uotc and transferring to the regular army next year.

    what sorts out things will we need to be laminating? please don't say 'everything'; can anyone break it down for me?

  4. Exrivofrigido is referring to PCCBC, which you should attend prior to starting the Commissioning Course. It's extremely useful, I attended the November one and feel much better about Sandhurst overall (less nervous, more excited) since doing so, and now have the chance to wear my boots in!

    I don't think that UOTC members "transfer" to the Regular Army - I believe they join it. :lol:
  5. You'll have to waterproof your maps. You can just use a map case if you want, but I found fablon to be a lot easier to use.

    You will also be given lots of little cards, and it's handy to get them laminated so you don't destroy them. Off the top of my head these include cards with correct VP, platoon quick battle orders, range cards, serial number cards, qualities of leadership card, and many many others. Laminators are not expensive (mine was about £20), and they will save you a lot of hassle.

    However, listen to everyone's advice and don't buy anything for the moment.
  6. Oh, and please don't ever refer to leaving University and joining the Regular Army as 'transferring' ever again. Because you will be ripped to shreds for being an arrogant fantasist. UOTC is a college society.
  7. Wait R_F, are you suggesting that my three years in the OTC doesn't count as reckonable service?
    The shock!
  8. Ok, sorry, I didn't think it was that big a deal guys! Thanks for all the advice.
  9. Just Fablon the sh!t€ out of everything - or just use your tams (if they still exist) or write it down in a waterproof note - much easier than having tones of fcking cards falling out of your pockets or breacon pouch making you look an utter gangfcuk - or you could do that novel thing & just learn it!!!

    Bottom line the only thing you should fablon/laminate is your map.
  10. A fabloned 'qualities of leadership' card....

    Why the fcuk would you want one of those fabloned? Quick reference guide before going across the start line?
  11. Fablon doesn't just waterproof things, it stops them from being damaged. I'm not saying you have to, it's just handy to have the option to.
  12. Many of us managed a full Army career with out purchasing either fablon or laminators. Its probably why we lost the Empire........................
  13. Get a Nirex folder of the appropriate size to put your inserts in. Don't forget to include your favourite porn shots for instant morale too!
  14. Presumably they are fabloned for a different reason!
  15. Excellent retort - I'll just invert my keyboard to remove the coffee that has been spread over it............!!