Fabled Dinner Hour

Currently working for a large organisation that is based in New York and likes the colour light blue, although I am based somewhere that is feckin hot and humid but not too sandy and not too far from Australia.

The official lunch break is TWO hours, that gives me time to get to my accom, do 50 mins of exercise (very light exercise mind you) have a bite to eat, quick shower, 15 min powernap and still get back to work on time.


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Some good points well made, I have decided to forge on from tomorrow and try snatch an hour.

I'm more surprised that I've started 2 threads and not been called a C@nt in one of them :) :)
With a proper break you are more productive and you need a break to eat properly, chill a bit and generally be healthy. If I didn't go out the staff would keep calling or knocking on my door. They know when I am in I work and I'm available.
To get an undisturbed dinner hour you have to go out it's as simple as that. Never deviate from this routine for any reason or any person as once you do you're screwed.
Yep, I do that almost every day. Pick a small but scruffy restaurant by a reasonably busy road. Get a bowl of Thai red curry with prawns and some iced water and sit and watch the pussy go by for an hour. This then evokes the question later on from LBFM "how come you so horny every day when get back from work?" Don't talk with your mouth full dear.
.... I know, I know, what a sh*t life ^~
Poor you. My usual working day.
0805 - get up.
0830 - turn up for 'work', cadge a coffee, watch BBC Breakfast. Field questions from junior officers and lads.
0915 - Cadge a second (or third) coffee, settle back and watch Heir Hunters.
1000 - Time for a proper cup of coffee, made with proper ground coffee. Watch Homes Under The Hammer.
1100 - Head to the mess for lunch. If arriving before the doors open, sit in the reading room with a coffee.
1200 - Lie on my bed, safe in the knowledge that I have kept our country safe for another day, and plan my afternoon/evening/night.
My job is based out in the field so I sit in my car for the majority of the day. More often than not I don't get a proper dinner break, usually 15 mins or so in a car park with a limp sandwich.
Yes it is. You decide who you shall have lunch with, then you fuck off and have lunch. Otherwise you have lunch at your desk with your phone switched to your 'virtual PA'. Who tells them you are not available and can she take a message?

Jesus. It's not rocket science.

I take it you are not self employed?
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