Fabled Dinner Hour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kendo69, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Probably sounds like I am having an epic whinge but what has happened to the time honoured tradition of a proper lunch hour?
    I have been a proud civvie for longer than I served but still hanker for the days where I lay on my scratcher with a cold pie, a pepperami and a tube of Pringles from 12:02 to 12:55 watching a load of pump on my beloved tele, or better yet, propped up on my belt kit against the range hut tearing into some stew and sun burning my exposed parts.
    In the real world now though its starting to get ridiculous, if your not (in my case) still taking calls, awaiting important information that ties you to your desk or feeling obliged to swerve your scoff because there is someones over inflated opinion of what constitutes an 'emergency' happening you are then reduced to pushing a few mouthfuls of pasta in your trap between fielding enquiries or fending off emails.

    I have considered buying a crash helmet to wear in the canteen with a visor to routinely flip up and down between spoons full of food in the hope that i get left alone but remain ashamed to say ill probably spend roughly 9 and a half working days a year of my time (based on a 231 day working year) sat across from a true fatty, commiserating together as we eat at our desks.

    Old man groan over
  2. Welcome to my world.
  3. To get an undisturbed dinner hour you have to go out it's as simple as that. Never deviate from this routine for any reason or any person as once you do you're screwed.
  4. Quite agree. I've had to train-up a Ballast Control Room Monkey in order to escape for meals and smoke breaks, but he's only permitted to answer the phone in my absence and utter the words "Sorry, the CRO is out to lunch." He'd sink us otherwise.
  5. Heed this very good advice. I do it every day. Even if it means sitting in my car around the corner from work reading a book.
    I even keep my portable DVD player (& car charger) in the car with a selection of films to while away the hour.

    If I stay in work, I end up not having a lunch break & taking all the calls.
  6. Not so easy for the self employed.
  7. Agree totally, a pub is 3 doors down the serves up some mega nosh but it may as well be a Steak House on top of the Fan ! :)
  8. welcome to the modern age of office work, even in the worst of cotton mills or even concentration camps you weren't expected to work whilst you were eating.
  9. If you go to a pub you'll spend a fortune, make some butties and go anywhere but don't stay in work. They will get used to your new routine, tell them the lights give you headaches and you need fresh air. Never deviate, no matter what the weather or you'll be back to square one.
  10. we have a security door that gets locked and a closed sign put on it when we have a dinner break....and fat knackers with dodgy knees or 40 per day smokers with their lungs hanging out of their nostrils STILL knock on the door, ON the closed sign! Then when you go and open the door to see what they want they say "Are you open?"

  11. Don't answer the door.
  12. you know that bloke in The Big Bang Theory, the one with the syndrome...who knocks on the door CONSTANTLY going knock knock knock hello knock knock knock hello knock knock knock hello knock knock knock hello knock knock knock hello ...

    well thats what these fuckers are like!

    YouTube - The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's Knocking
  13. I like to have a Kronenbourg with my lunch at work - brings the stress levels down.
  14. Well, you're just going to have to get out then like I do.
  15. Worked with a fella that had worked in Wrexham Brewery, he said you needed a dinner break from the drinking they did, they had a strict 2 pints rule(where have you heard that before?) at work, it wasn't that strict mind.