FA happening in South Africa

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Talking to friends of mine who live in SA, they are telling me that there are a lot of strikes by govt mannual workers wanting more money so the World Cup is suffering a lot currently.....its as if the tanned members of SA want to ruin the World Cup through greed!! why is this not being reported by the UK news?
  2. Who cares?
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The UK press have been reporting that they can't even get rid of tickets at reduced prices to locals

    They also reported that Sepp Blatter stated SA was safe for travelling fans...........
    Then booked himself a 5 man ex SF CP team for the duration he's there

    It's getting through just we've got more pressing things to worry about at the moment
  4. did I read last week that the FA/FIFA were giving the South Africans £55m to ensure the works were complete and everything was ready on time?
  5. Ah thats why there s a lot of mercs being ordered at present..... :lol: throwing money at the problem is not going to help unfortunatley odds on theres a disaster afoot.
  6. The entire matter has been a disgrace from day one.
    World Cup to South Africa a pure PC decision.

    Just makes viewing in Europe and South America practical.
    And Sa is a Zero Bribe cuntry.
  7. Sepp Blatter makes Mugabe seem open and democratic. The man proves the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  8. In 1984 I had to escort 4 big Yarpies (I mean second row big - you wouldn't want to mess with these okes) from the Landrost Hotel to Hillbrow after some mining bash, because I had a .380 POS gat in my pocket and they didn't feel safe walking around Jo'burg at night. I had to then walk back on my Jack Jones.

    It's gotten a lot worse since then, apparently.
  9. A mate from South Africa told me his family lived in one of the "nicer" areas of Jo'burg. The house had razor-wire fencing, CCTV, two BFO Rottwiellers and every adult family member carried a handgun; two rifles were kept in the house.

    They also had an alarm system connected to a private security firm staffed by ex-Police and Army, who provided 24 hour armed response.

    The family eventually moved to Scotland because they did'nt feel safe in South Africa! 8O
  10. Only a matter of time before SA degenerates into another Zimbabwe - apart from the Chinese enclaves!

  11. I assume the highlighted bit is a joke? Knowing many people who have fled the once lovely country, I can assure you that bribery & corruption is rife as in most of sub saharan Africa!
    One of the couples I know who left had been held up at gunpoint by a gang who followed them inside their own garage on returning home one night, both of their Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs having been poisoned earlier in the evening!
    They felt lucky that they had ONLY lost their vehicle, jewellry and the contents of her handbag and his wallet! Rape & murder being a common occurance! :x :x
  12. ex con
    My attempt at sarcasm for sure.
    I have spoken to folk who live there and have come on holiday.
    Tragic what has been allowed to happen in the name of Freedom.
    We have many former Rhodesian's out here in tobacco industry.
    I always greet with Give my Regards to Bob.
    Then duck fast.

  13. There's also quite a bit of violence from the taxi drivers (read vehicles owned by gang leaders) against the bus rapid transit routes that cities have put in place for the world cup.

    Try booking flights to and from SA and you'll find prices have risen over 100%. Restaurant and hotel prices have shot up as well. Thanks FIFA. Cnuts.