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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by jack-daniels, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Yup, probably pishing in the wind here but if anyone hears of any Cup Final tickets going bear me in my mind!!
    The Corporate gets and the FA have snaffled 40000 out of the 90000 capacity at Wembley......and they wonder why touts are everywhere!
  2. Give the ASCB a call and ask if they have any. As a football association we are entitled to an amount of tickets.
  3. Who's ASCB mate?
  4. Had any luck Jack.. I have tried all my usual sources but come up blank, and am not going to pay 400 notes to a tout
  5. Jack, the Army Sports contol Board, they are based where you live :wink:
  6. No mate, either way I'm going up there, mug a tout if I have to!
  7. Ohhh, that lot. Doubt they'd give a mong like me one though!
  8. Don't know untill you ask mate!
  9. Anyone?!! Or will I have to vault the turnstyles like scallies of old?
  10. I am sadly bereft-my Scally Cousins divvied up theirs as soon as Jags goal went in. There has been a new tranchhe released by the club, if you've got a season ticket (or know someone who has) there's a fair chance. What an absolute mess- 25,000 tickets for each club in a 90,000 stadium paid for with public money.

    I shall be going to my 'lucky' pub. And the Eve of final Rally to have a quiet word with Howie Webb.
  11. I've just entered that new ballot they've got running. My trouble is that I get to more away games than homes. Still, I got to see the semi I suppose and blagged into Liege!