FA Cup Final - What a game!!!

That has got to be one of the best finals for years. Both Liverpool and West Ham were fantastic, and as for Steven Gerrard, who needs Ronney.
No one - but Rooney would be an asset I think!!

Does O'Sullivan play football too??
Murielson said:
Does O'Sullivan play football too??
Actually he does play for the Arsenal celebrity team.
Great game although West Ham were unlucky to loose having never been behind over 120 mins of football. And that tw@t Harry Kewell picks up yet another winners medal after limping off "injured" when his team are behind in a major cup final.
Only good for a neutral. I spent 120 mins then penalties sh1tting myself and having to defib every 5 mins. It was hard going, but again 3-3 at the end fo extra time and we take it on penalties.

Gerrard is God!!!
i want boris johnston on the england team.
Tell you what it may have been a great game but it fcuked my recording of the one and only Dr Who. i've been FUBARed again
As a Hammers fan we deserved the result we were very slack in patches and stood off too often, in my opinion Harewood had a shocker and was never in the game, we just dont have the killer instinct to be able to see the game off. As quoted good for the nuetral but terrible for the fans....well done Liverpool
Indeed, it was a hell of a game. Shame for West Ham, as they really gave their all. Liverpool really are the comeback kids; they were sensational! Gerrard was amazing - he should be England captain, not Beckham!

Now hopefully England can produce some heroics as well in Germany. Come on England!!!
Up the Hammers. Keep yer heads up lads you deserve it. Least you got into a final unlike Scum U and Chelski (again Chelsea well done on your 3rd title in 101 years)

Stevie G what a GOD.

Rooney and Owen nah keep em. Stevie G and Crouchy up front.

Edited for mong spelling
Stevie G up front with Crouch?? I know you've just won the cup but come on....Crouch is a muslim fundamentalist...he's shi ite!!
Hats off to both teams for making it a cracking final, I went back just for the weekend and it was quality.
Scouse fans were a bit subdued the whole match I thought, def 1-0 to the Hammers on that front but Stevie G is some player. The cross for the first goal and his two goals (though Liverpools third was a fluke lucky strike I thought!! NOT) were just sublime. He really was the difference on the day. And that bloody Kewell gets another winners medal!!
We're all going on a european tour!!

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