F9F Panther vs Communist AAA Korea 1950-53 by Peter Davies

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F9F Panther vs Communist AAA Korea 1950-53

by Peter Davies
with illustrations by Jim Laurier and Gareth Hector

This slimline book is one of Osprey Publishing’s “Duel” series, which highlights two combating factions in a conflict and details the advances each side made in relation to the others.

This particular tome features the US’ F9F Panther vs the Communist AAA batteries used in Korea during their war with the US in 1950-53.

Whilst its 88 pages on the surface, may not seem particularly in-depth, because of the laser focus of just one element on each side, the large pages contain a wealth of information.

Written in a clear and informative style, with lots of time spent on the separate iterations of both the Panther and the triple-a used against them, this book is a goldmine of new and interesting facts.

This is my first experience with one of Osprey Publishing’s “Duel” series (which contains 108 books) and I have to say – I really like it.

The format is quite novel for a history book and I like how it plays out like a chess match. The Americans upgrade the radar suite, so the AAA development develops proximity fuzes for its shells and so on.

It shows the cause and effect of a technological arms race in a microcosm, with each side desperately trying to gain a significant advantage over the other.

The book itself feels like a premium product, with glossy pages full of photos and absolutely beautiful illustrations by Jim Laurier and Gareth Hector.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Korean air war and even less about AAA capabilities. I now know a little bit and it was pleasurable to learn by using this book.

My only reservation I have is that it is quite pricy if you judge it solely on the page count.

However, if taken as an informative whole, particularly if you have an interest in the subject matter, I think it’s well worth it.

4.5 exploding AAA shells out of 5.


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