F6 report - Alan Johnston released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aristander, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Sky News reports (unconfirmed) that Alan Johnston has been released. I hope so :D
  2. Guardian are saying the same thing - unconfirmed. Let's hope so.
  3. Yup, just breaking across all the news wires. He's free! Excellent news, a big thank you to Hamas!
  4. I am probably going to get shot down for this, but here goes:

    Firstly - I, like all readers no doubt, am very pleased to here on the BBC World News of the release of Alan Johnston. It is very good news and my heartfelt wishes go towards him and his family.

    Secondly - I have to take issue with his employers. They devoted their entire 30min news update in the US to his release. Fine you may say, but last night they used only a 1min soundbite to reflect upon the comparitively low death toll of 'just' 1200 in Iraq last month. FFS BBC. I can understand the euphoria over the release of one of your own but get a sense of perspective.

    Standing by...

  5. Well news organisations are always overly concerned about one of their own which is understandable I guess.

    It was the same with ABC and their coverage of Bob Woodruff's injuries in Iraq.
  6. Great to hear that your man has been released, especially for the individual and his loved ones.

    I also take exception to the excessive media coverage throughout there are there to report the news, not to make it.

    What of the story of the PST abducted in broad daylight bybthe Iraqi "Police", what about the story regarding the BBC risk assessment for Johnston and why, despite all the best-practice measures in place, he was still taken.

    It will probably take another sunday night in the Frontline club, to reveal all the details. :(
  7. Understandable yes and particularly so if you are a commericial broadcaster.

    But given that you and I pay the salaries and running costs of those involved, perhaps we can expect a little more objectivity.

  8. US tax payers don't pay a penny for BBC World News. Their funding is partly through the British FCO (therefore British tax payers) plus revenue generated from advertising and money from those US sponsors that are mentioned at the beginning of each broadcast on PBS.

    Funny enough for the first time ever the BBC actually has an excess of revenue generated by its commercial division. Some how, though, I can't see this being reflected in a reduction in UK TV License fee.

  9. Agree with that AY....Remember John Simpson and his antics in Kabul?

    When was the last time we heard owt about the PSG's who are still missing in Iraq?
  10. He chose to be out there , he was highly paid for being there . Pity the BBC doesn't mount a similar campaign to get all our military out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  11. I am happy he's be released, it is very good news.

    It is more than understandable why BBC covered this story so intentally, he is one of thier own.

    Now hopefully the news will move on and update me on the 5 people kidnapped in Iraq (have they been freed yet?), and the latest update on the 2 american soldiers kidnapped.
  12. I'd have to agree with some of the posts. It's good news indeed that he's free, but the BBC will completely rip the arrse out of this.
  13. It's great to see Alan Johnston released, really good news. However, I can't help but echo your statement.

    BT. :D
  14. Excellent news! Like many, I was concerned with the prominence the BBC gave to this story compared to other events, but that should not detract from this good news.