F35 - Money well spent.

Tail markings, too. But ours are to be pooled aircraft, are they not?
Sadly, there's a general move away from sqn markings, even on our Typhoons. As you say, that's a response to the need to pool our limited resources. It would still be nice to see some sneaky 17, 617, 809 and 207 sqn markings appearing somewhere on ours though!

There’s unfortunately been a mid-air collision between a USN F-35C and FA-18F during AAR. The former managed to recover back to the carrier while the Hornet diverted to Oceana.
F-35C, Super Hornet Damaged During At-Sea Aerial Refueling - USNI News

On a lighter note... ‘Top Gun’ Maverick might fly the Super Hornet, but may also get to at least look at the F-35c, and apparently swopped his old Kawasaki GPZ900R for a Ninja H2R. Who hasn’t seen and enjoyed the flying sequences in Top Gun?

The original film was acknowledged by the US Navy to be a powerful recruiting tool and the movie sequel, presently being made aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, is expected to be in theatres by next July and includes a few of the original characters.
Top Gun 2' postponed to June 2020: Everything we know about 'Maverick'
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USMC F-35B’s heading for the ‘Hot Zone’...and although it was quoted that
"service leaders say the new jets are ready to handle any fight in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan they may be tasked with.” Iran’s recent mutterings about closing the Hormuz straits might just be another area of interest
Marines Prepared to Use F-35Bs in Middle East Combat If Needed; No Other Naval Aviation Nearby - USNI News

In the meantime despite some boisterous crew antics ashore QE is preparing for her F35 shipboard trials and possibly some rough weather training.
ITF team nears historic testing with HMS Queen Elizabeth | NAVAIR - U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command - Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Research, Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation
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The numbers delivered going steadily up.
PICTURE: F-35 hits new high, as Lockheed delivers 300th example

...and, given the title of this thread it seems appropriate information that though the program has had its ups and downs, and has encountered fierce opposition, as had been projected the price per unit has continued to fall.
Exclusive: Lockheed F-35 jet price falls 6 percent to below $90 million - sources | Reuters

Iron bird testing seems to indicate a reasonable durability. with an F-35 service lifetime of 8,000 hours, each test airframe is required to complete two life-times of testing, or 16,000 hours. The F-35A would seem to have exceeded this by a handsome margin with a simulated 24,000 hours.
F-35 testing shows potential for F-35 life extension
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Lift-off: F-35 take-off technology site opens ahead of historic flight trials

The ‘LiftWorks’ facility, which has opened at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, makes the ‘LiftSystem’ to provide F-35 fighter jets with a fan propulsion system that allows them to take off over short distances, hover, swivel mid-air and land vertically.

It is vital to the jets being able to operate from aircraft carriers, and comes ahead of the stealth jets completing their historic first trials off the flight deck of Britain’s largest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The site will support more than 100 jobs in the area after more than £20 million was injected into transforming the former Defence Manufacturing building into an advanced facility dedicated to developing the unique technology.


British companies are building 15% by value of all 3,000 F-35s planned for production. It is projected that around £35 billion will be contributed to the UK economy through the programme, with around 25,000 British jobs also being supported.*

The ‘Liftworks’ facility is one of many cutting-edge manufacturing sites across the UK contributing to the wider Rolls Royce LiftSystem contract for the F35 programme. 40% of the work under this contract takes place in the UK, supporting 900 jobs across the supply chain.

*In other words it has pretty much the same export value to UK industry as designing and building 450 all British aircraft.


Rolls-Royce Director of Customer Business Defence Alex Zino said:

Rolls-Royce has pioneered STOVL technology through our development of the Pegasus engine for the Harrier and has now taken that capability to new levels in the shape of the LiftSystem for the F-35B. This new facility enables us to continue produce cutting edge technology to our customer while also ensuring that we are reducing their costs.

The F-35B Lightning multi-role fighter jet is the first to combine radar evading stealth technology with supersonic speeds and short take-off and vertical landing capability.

And the UK now has sixteen jets.

Sorry for not picking this up on Tuesday, but I was having a busy and stressful day.

A nice, pre-planned and fixed target in uncontested airspace.

However, it allows the crews to build confidence with integrating into the broader battlespace (C2, links, JTAC etc) and sensor/weapons employment.

Will it make the naysayers shut the f*** up?

It will never fly!
LiftSystem will never work!
The avionics will never work!
It will never carry ordnance!
It will never operate from a ship!
It will never fly an operational sortie!

It will never.......


A nice, pre-planned and fixed target in uncontested airspace.

However, it allows the crews to build confidence with integrating into the broader battlespace (C2, links, JTAC etc) and sensor/weapons employment.

It’s how every air strike should be conducted to be honest, unless I’m the JTAC under contact and will put on my fake amaerican accent and scream in a high pitch broken arrow, broken arrow, nukes.
I was a little surprised to read in the CNN article that President Trump has been a big fan of the F35. I must have misheard him threatening to cancel it in favour of developing an F18 with "equivalent capability' . To be honest, until this year the only big fan the F35 had was on the -B lift system.
Flip flop. When it ‘wasn’t’ working, he was against. Popularist politics.
Bound to happen at some time. hope he's out OK

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