F117 pictures

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by msr, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I see youve found mdn's psuedonymn.
  3. Nice link/pics!

    "Lock on a F117"? 8O :roll:

    There seems a lot of myths surrounding this aircraft, It does not have a Klingon cloaking device! just a smaller long range radar signature why are they so surprised it can get shot down.

    Remember speaking to a RA air defence Bdr once about an airshow appearance and they locked Rapier on it for a laugh, when the septics were challenged later they excused this as they had "disabled" some gizmo for the show. :wink:

    Still credit where due it is an impressive piece of kit and perhaps they have now upgraded it to Worf standard. :wink:

    Live long and prosper ( :oops: oh that was Spock, never mind you know what I mean)
  4. I heard they simply used a low light camera to aquire/track- the things isn't invisible and thats how it was shot down!
  5. They were rather good them pics. Call me a mong though... (MONG!) But why does it need a parachute. Are the breaks sh1t or something?
  6. Certainly. You are a MONG!!!

  7. Thankyou. You fcuking Turd licking SkipRat. :D

    Nah i know its a bit of a mongy question because it obviously needs help slowing down. But whats up with the breaks and the Uppy downy things?
  8. How come Civvie Bill were providing the Security?
  9. Thankyou. The pleasure is all mine. :roll:
  10. Civ pol because its at a air show, easier for civpol to justify shoting someone !

    they simply say he had wires sticking out of his ARRSE.
  11. Dam good pictures BTW msr, cheers for that one.
  12. I thought the plod were laughing cos they`ed given him a ticket ";-))"
  13. Okay here is a technical, sorta, answer for the question over the Parachute for braking..... well first, means it can be used to land on short run ways, even the Yanks think it wise to have that capability in case they have to go for an alternate airfield landing, as i am sure they mostly use huge runways in those well kept expensive airbases, but you never know when you may need an alternate!
    Second, in case the brakes are damaged and not working, it does after all stand the chance of getting shot at, means it can land with say no brakes and have a chance at stopping in time, eg parachute out, full back pressure on the stick and all spoilers and air brakes out
    Third any retractable landing gear has inherent weakness, as its able to fold up and stow away, so anything that will help slow the aircraft down without stressing that rather tall gear is a good thing
    and lastly but not least, its a rather nifty gimic and you know what the yanks are with their toys!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, anyone who knows better please feel free to correct me,
  14. The weight of a hydraulics system and maintenance of brakes that would presumably get a fair amount of wear


    A bit of silk chucked in the back?

    (- or not)
  15. Cheers fellas that solves that one!