F111 lands without undercarriage 18 Jul 06

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. quite impressive - Australian F111 landing without undercarriage last week.


  2. good lad...I'd have fcked it up...mostly because I cant fly
  3. Good work fella. The definition of a good landing is one you can walk away from!
  4. Here are some photos of the incident.

  5. IrishGuard, that is a terrific set of photos, I only saw the one black and white photo, I think it was in the British newspaper The Times.

    Bye the way, is that Michael Collins?

    Zapata rides!
  6. They had the pilot and navigator plastered over most television newscasts the day or so after. I swear the poor guy stayed bright red all the time. You could not have a conversation without someone saying "Did you see the...?". Watching the video of them circling and the low fly practice runs was very interesting from a non-pilots POV due to the amazing skills demonstrated. Well done to them all for landing safely and with style.
  7. NOWAH

    Is that an arrestor hook I see?

    They never land those big boys on carriers so I presume they have them "just in case".

    OK so the pilot has got some minerals but - can he tab with weight?

  8. March 92 at FIDAE (the Chilean equivalent of Farnborough) the '92 Season Harrier Display Pilot (now a Gp Capt) did a "touch and go" without wheels down (unintentionally, he had turned warning alarms off and in the thick of display, forgot to put wheels down). Luckily strakes were fitted, as opposed to Aden pods, and the aircraft went round again, landed properly and, following a checkover was displaying again less then two hours later! Chileans loved it!!
  9. The F111 was also designed to be a Naval cab. It was originally going to replace USAF and USN F4's. (Not even going to mention the debacle ref TSR2 and the UK).

    The hook was used in this instance to keep it straight down the runway and also to slow the bloody thing down!

    A hell of a feat concidering the pilot had only finished his F111 conversion two weeks prior. If I was in his position, I'd have pulled yellow and black and banged out! (Geek mode- the F111 has an escape capsule as opposed to ejection seats and by all accounts, its an emotional trip to earth).


  10. Video Here

    As I recall the RAF used to cover the runway with foam for this type of incident, or am I out of date?
  11. Yes - I also seem to remember that an Autopilot blow up doll deploys if the pilot has eaten the salmon mousse and a foxy hostess can - in an emergency - reinflate him via a tube in his groin.
  12. IIRC they (media reports at time) said the arrestor hook was being used because they (RAAF mob) were unsure if they (pilot) would stop in the runway length.
  13. A great bit of flying, good airmanship from a newly qualified pilot, and I am sure some good support from the experienced Navigator. The crew walked away, there fore its a good landing.... I am sure a few beers were enjoyed that night!
  14. Bet the groundies bitched like mad after that, the FOD plod must have taken ages :D
  15. Most fast jets have a hook to engage the Raised Hydraulic Arrestor Gear which is basically the same gear as on a carrier. Much respect to that jockey.