F1 teams...chefs????

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by ripvan, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. ok ok wild stab in the dark,

    does anyone know of any e-mail addresses or contact numbers of those who employ in formula one, or other race series teams...
    i'm a chef and looking the leave the sevices in about 5 months ish!....!!!!!! :D ta!
  2. I know someone connected with RedBull,will enquire tomorow.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    buy a copy of Autosport... they have classified job ads for the race teams in the back pages, and also do a 'who's who in F1' guide seperately as well - it lists everybody who's anyone in the major race teams.
  4. Could you try and get a job with Ferrari. I will pay handsomely if you take out that smug cunt Alonso next year. Would be hilarious to watch him slam the hammer down to try and make it to the bog at the end of the race or to see folks faces as the smell of shit wafts around the room. Do keep us informed.
  5. I'll pay for Imac in the Helmet and deep heat in the fire suit :twisted:
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Imac in the helmet? will he have time for computers when he's supposed to be driving the car?? :(
  7. You can try a company called Edwards Hospitality Services who are based in Andover. They had a few contracts for some of the teams catering a few years back. Also MSL Global had a few catering jobs going in the paddock not so long ago. Apart from them some of the teams have their own caterers and could be worth a punt. Both companies are easily found on the tinternet
  8. many thanks Detmold_Drunk

    and maguire and 1Bn_BBYDF ta for the leads!

    the others, well perhaps i could apply to renault, to get me a job with ferrari!!! lol!!
  9. I know a civilian company hiring called PAYD. (PAY AS YOU DINE for you old and bold to who dont know what that means)

    Im only messing, i also work for a race team on the weekends but i know its hard for the chefs. Its not like the military were you pull a bag from the freezer into the fryer.
    the chefs we use also work as diet advisors along with the fitness trainers
    to keeps drivers fit, mechnaics healthy and on the ball.
    Its a big change from the military cooking. and the harsh reality is at least one gets fired every month or so. mistakes are costly and if you are crap at your job you go.

    I dont mechanic in formula one but im sure that will be even harder than a touring car race team.

    Good luck......you can always try macdonalds

  10. haha! lots of vacancies then!

    thanks! i'm lucky i guess, i can cook, and not just pie and chips or other deep fried stuff..... and spent a considerably amout of my amed forces time as personal staff to high ranking officers!

    i ahve quite a few options in other catering realms, but its just something i always fancied doing!
  11. Yeah i know someone. Pm me if still interested
  12. well as long as you cook better than you spell/type. Typical RLC standard......LOL

    Im only messing, spoke to a chef last night that i work with and he has worked for a catering team who hostes f1 team meals etc etc. he said they feed about 600. he landed his job from this web site. Chef Jobs
    He did say that he found catering in formula 1 was actually his least pay check but found it he most rewarding posistion.

    all the best......
  13. Anyone coming to Abu Dhabi later this month for the Abu Dhabi, Yas Island GP on the 1st of Nov, give me a shout for a beer.

    Lead Logistics Coordinator
    Yas Island Project
  14. Pot calling kettle, send shade, over :D

    Formula has a capital F due to it being a Proper Noun, there should be an apostrophe in I'm, hostes is spelt hosts, and I believe that he should have been the, glad to have been of service, only messing though :D
  15. Good Job, you found all the correct errors. I did that on purpose..... :D