F1 pit crews

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Is it just me or do F1 pit crews go down almost as quick as football players and play dead or near death?
  2. You try getting hit by one of those things as they take off and still stay standing, especially if you work for Ferrari at the moment :D
  3. Only if your in the Ferrari pit crew.
  4. RedBull are not too bad at twisting ankles either.
  5. might just be sensible to stay down until you're sure that you not going to hit by other things such as fuel hoses
  6. Ah, Ferrari lite :D
  7. What happened? I haven't seen any of it.
  8. Ferrari took out one of their pit crew AND the fuel hose in a pit stop in Singapore this afternoon, hahahahahaha, and got no points into the bargain. :D
  9. Anyone ever see the time that a rear slick caught a pit members foot (why do they call them slicks when they really grip like shoite) and the car rear drover right over him, looked like a cartoon driving over him lol.
  10. Ah,

    Will they appeal ?

    'Our man was distracted by unfair competition - we were losing again'

    Anti pasta, fungi, eff offski.
  11. Give 'em chance, the race only finished 2.5 hrs ago, they have to see if their man was impeded by the car coming up the pit lane as Massa shot out dragging half the pit equipment with him, spraying fuel everywhere I'm slowly coming to the opinion that there is a lot of hostility to Ferrari on here, is there an official anti fan club we can join ??
  12. Ferrari are looking at a safer refueling system for next year;

  13. F'kin classic, Flashy, hahahahahaha.
  14. Just got back from the race itself - funniest bit was watching the Ferrari pit crew running down to Masa's car - from the paddock seats they looked to be a bunch of fat knackers running in slow motion - the TV replay however makes them out to be sprinting like it was Beijing all over again...

    From where we were sitting you could clearly hear the McClaren pit crew "encouraging" them to run faster!! To cap it all took 3 or 4 of the poor sods to carry the hose back - only folk not laughing in the crowd were wearing red ;-)