F1, Moto GP & SB for Charity

Just on a fact finding mission at the moment -

after reading the F1 thread and seeing how much you guys spent on tickets, would you be prepared to spend a similar amount if a forces charity organised a hospitality event for any of the major meetings at Donington?

How many of you would be interested in attending the 2009 events (F1, Moto GP & SB, might also include those boring touring car thingy's)?

I'd do the F1 thing, it's a worthwhile day out and the after race party is a good laugh, you get to see the drivers let their hair down and say what they think of Bernie Ecclestien too.
To get the Silverstone effect, Donnington will need to provide the following facilities:-
1. A road to the track infastructure that works but the car parks cant cope with.
2. Buss drivers that dont know where the track is.
3. Shite burger bar food.
4. Shite beer.
5. A few stands knocked up by some pikey 30 odd years ago, and forgot to put the roofs on some of them.
6. Built on ground that instantly turns into marsh on contact with two drops of rain.

And its worth every penny :crazy:

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