F1 expertise motors to the aid of Afghan war effort



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Sensible and effective... but I'm a bit wary because I doubt defence would even get a sniff if it wasn't for the recession. My job entails working with companies earning a fortune in commercial markets, and they couldn't care less about defence half the time - we just can't give them contracts tempting enough in comparison to their usual fayre. If F1 hadn't hit hard times, would this even be an option? Will it be an option in the future, when McLaren can pay them the big bucks again?
"We're working at the edge of the laws of physics in terms of the operating environment and the operational requirement," said Colonel Nick Wills, head of the Ministry of Defence's protected mobility unit, which deals with vehicles bought under urgent operational requirements (UORs). "We require people who can come up with rapid prototypes and solutions."
errrr..... it's not Rocket Science!

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