F ucking wimmin (& blerks)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by PrincessBeatrice, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. I always use a condom.

  2. Condoms are for Jessies.

  3. I usually use a condom.

  4. Only use condom if the bird insists.

  1. I was looking through this thread:

    http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=47696/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html (New Bird)

    and noticed a range of attitudes (in a NAAFI bar sort of way) on the subject of baggin up/safe sex..... and that tort o' ting.

    I wondered what arrser's real opinions on the subject were. As in ACTUAL sexual behaviour. My research into this was to type into "search for keywords (all terms)" the terms ........ condom, hiv, sti, bareback. The result was one, single, unenlightening thread:


    ...... so ......... something for the weekend ..... what d'ya do?
  2. You'd have to be pretty fcuking stupid not to bag up with a one night stand in my opinion....

    I'm not saying I'm whiter than white but with age comes maturity I suppose!! I don't fancy having the CSA take a massive chunk of my wages off me every month for 18 yrs because of several seconds, err, I mean hours (cough, cough) of recklessness.
  3. I suggest you add a poll and see what happens.
  5. Poll added, but not totally successfully. The 5th option was "Both need to be checked prior to unprotected sex", but it's been left off and can't add it now.

    Also, I had some thoughts on the lines of "blokes don't think it's probable they'll catch anything".
  6. Whoops, I thought you were asking for some advice and guidance on how to actually do the 'deed'!! :)
  7. For those that don't always use condoms, I'd be interested to know the criteria behind the decision. Has anyone used a condom for oral sex? (I once read something about women wearing a sheet of plastic over their m*nge for cunnilingus! 8O
  8. You don't wear wellies when you're swimming, do you ?
  9. Generally I only swim in chlorinated pools though... (and to take that too far, with lots of strangers after paying for the experience and a having a shower....I'mnot certain this is a good comparison after all)
  10. Don't forget the rubber swimming cap and goggles as well, you Pest ?!
  11. and flippers.....
  12. I wear a wetsuit! I wasn't asking about watersports, though. But, then, maybe that's another question on the subject of how safe you like your sex to be?
  13. Well I am not condoning up protected sex, well look at my sig line, and as a student nurse I should really know better, but I have on occasion not bag up, but I would when have the means/opportunity. But when you come in pis$ed with someone and start fumbling around its a bit of a nightmare to start going on the hunt, but then seen’s how for the most part at the moment it is other student nurse then you think, err well we all had bloods that came up clean, so anything else will more than likely be treated by antis. But if it was some random from town then got to bag up!

    Don't be a fool, Wrap your tool!

    Edited for Mlar spelling
  14. Make love ( :roll: ) to the lucky lady with her tights on and watch her feet flip about 'till her shoes fall off.
  15. Is it too late to add a sixth option:

    'I've been bare-backing nightfighters in the Riverside/Rose Garden for the last six weeks and so I'm currently wearing one with the wife'

    Try explaining that one 8O