F*ucking CSA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozzymick, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. I have no problem supporting my daughter. The Problem I do have is the fact she f*ucked off with a tw*t that used to work for me. Then runs off up to Scotland amd I have no way yet of tracking them down.

    I now don't get to see my daughter, lost my business nearly lost my house and yet I still have to bow down to the CSA with their demands.

    "Its not our problem" they say when I complain of not knowing where my daughter is

    "Cant tell you where she lives, data protection" they say when asked if they know where she lives.

    How f*ucking disgraceful is this country where the good guy gets shat on and the kicked whilst he is down, repeatedly.


    Rant over, might be scrapping that rejoin for New Zealand me thinks.

    Thank you for your time
  2. Excellent, I have thought of that as an option, or something similiar anyway
  3. I thought it was illegal for an ex partner to remove a child from the jurisdiction of England where joint parental responsibility is in place?
  4. Ozzymick...you have a PM.
  5. Hey i know how u feel, i left me wife a few years bac, she has my 3 kids, i pay CSA....du think am allowed to c them...no.

    We go to court, she says i can c the kids wheneva i want, she lives in Wales, i live in Scotland, i get half way to Wales, she rings up saying the kids dont want to c me......Fcuk all i can do except kick her font door in, ick fcuk out of her, upset the kids n go home....not into upsetting me kids so i just go home.....bac to court "i neva stop him cing or speaking to the kids" she says.......same shit different day

    Yea ur rite bout the CSA....they r shit, i tell them that i cana c me kids so do i have to pay for them..."YES there is nothing we can do"....

    My new wife goes mad, but there is nothing i can do.....she's a fcuking bitch who knows how to wind me up.......
  6. She dissappeared in the middle of the night, first I knew she had gone was when I was being chased for her mortgage payments.
    I tried her personal mobile, work mobile and then her work number and was told she had quit.
    "When" I say
    "Two weeks ago, she has moved to Scotland, Can I help"
    "No its ok I am only her husband"
    I have sent parcels to her parents address for my daughters birthday but they keep getting returned. No answers at her parents either.
  7. Thats a fcuking discace, i would go mad, it makes u wonder wot this world has cum to when agencies wont help ie the CSA, no wonder ppl r moving abroad.

    Hey gd luck, hope u get somewhere soon.
  8. Don't say you're her husband _ fool! Say you are - presumably she has a Dad or a close male relative? You are ringing on behalf of them, whatever hospital you like but whatever he has got has got to be pretty serious....give someone the choice of the data protcetion act and not knowing their dad is dying and you will win everytime! Bit of imagination is all that is needed that and a bit of artistic liscence!
  9. If only my brain was thinking like that at the time, I was a little too surprised to be honest to think at all.

    Its been too long for me to try that script now though otherwise I would ring again.
  10. Hey I can understand what you feel.

    My mother did it to my dad, and he quite rightly is just waiting or her to burn in hell.

    All he ended up doing was finding a job that meant he was based in another country, whilst spending most of his time in the UK. The CSA really are a waste of space, and all they seem to do is screw over the fathers that do care, and let the real negligent ones go scott free.

    The advice above is your best bet... Bullshit baffles brains.
  11. Do you have parental authority (or whatsitcalled). If so, you might be able to report a kidnapping?

    edit: Ah - a poster above reminded me. its parental responsibilytu
  12. I would strongly advise you to cease this heartless abuse........of the English language.
  13. See a family law solicitor. You can apply to the court for an order against the benefits agency (if she is on benefits) or the inland revenue (if she is working) that will disclose to the court her whereabouts. She can then be served with court papers.

    By all means report her and the children missing, but when (if) the filth find her they may just do a "safe and well check" and if she is OK, tell you to see a solicitor anyway.

    If she has moved to Scotland permanently, you can ask that the children are returned to their home, school, local area, support networks etc WHILE the court carries out investigations etc. Mind you, she can apply to transfer proceedings to her home court.

    Such things as when this happened, the ages of the children etc will be relevant factors here.

    It may be that your solicitor might advise you to take out a "without notice" order against her, i.e. an order made by the court before she is even told about the application. Depends on the circumstances.

    Whatever MIGHT happen, you need to get the full facts in front of a solicitor, and he/she will be able to advise you as to the possible range of (legal) remedies.

    Good luck
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I slip i to this girl and her sister and nine months later BAM! court order. Make me sick.
  15. Save yourself some time - stand in front of a mirror and lift your shirt.

    Mammary glands? No? You lose!

    Don't make a lawyer richer still. Time will heal.