F Med 23 question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA4645, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    just wondering if anyone can shed any light on the process of F med 23.
    I've had a letter through from RTMC this morning, informing me of a one man med board.
    Effectively I'm p7mnd until may 2011. The thing I'm unsure of is whether this is the start of a med discharge, as the doctors had mentioned this previously. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this before and what kind of outcome I can expect in 6 months time at the next review (if per se, nothing has changed).
    Many thanks

  2. Not sure what MND means?? Is this a new category?
    Sounds like both RTMC and yourself are expecting a no change scenario, is the P7 status expected to change with time?
  3. MND-Medically Non Deployable (PAP10 explains). As you are P7 MND until May 2011 that suggests you have been given a Tempory grading which should appear on your paperwork denoted by, strangley enough, a T. In May 2011 you should be called before a 1MMB again where your medical fitness to deploy will be re-assessed. If you are again given P7 MND(T) you will go through another Med Board in 6 months time where a decision to upgrade/discharge should be made. Your unit should be managing this in accordance with PAP10 and you should be involved.

    Hope this helps