F-Lynx is go

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fugly, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  2. Oh for fucks sake are they serious? Why can't we just buy a proven design, NH90 got mentioned as an alternative IIRC, and negotiate some sort of deal to manufacture them in the UK so that the government can keep the guys down in Yeovil employed for a bit loonger.

  3. NH90 isn't really 'proven' and because of its size would have meant the SH world would have thrown their teddy out of the Solar System and cried to Torpy. And we all know the crabs have a PR unit the size of several Regiments of Chally IIs. And lifting blokes isn't really what we want it to do. We need a utility aircraft. The trouble is, it is almost impossible to try and quantify 'utility' to the bean counters. We actually need an airborne Land Rover/WMIK. It is very hard to get an aircraft off the shelf, for the budget that ticks all the boxes. Unfortunately, FLynx hardly ticks any of the boxes. But we will rewrite our role to suit our budget and the capability of the aircraft.

  4. The Lynx cabin is just too small for it's Army role.
    The useful load in kilos, that the Lynx can lift is not sufficient.
    The Gem was never powerful enough to lift the required load even if the transmission could take the torque but the 'New' RR/Honeywell delivers 1,300 shp and may be up to the job, even if it is known to have problems with fine sand which an improved intake 'Filter' may cure.
    A bigger aircraft is required but then as has been said, The RAF would want to operate the a/c.
  5. Lets go back to a real helicopter

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  6. Yeah
    Right on
    I learned about turbocharging on them.
    Crabs will luv you.
  7. Any reason other than cash that we couldnt buy the blackhawk helicopter with the gun ?
  8. I wonder what they are going to do with the 2 MI 18s that are at Boscomb, Lynx replacment on the cheap?
  9. Can someone who knows about these things explain to me what a realistic number of different types of helicopter we need?

    Leaving aside Apache, we use Merlins, Lynx, Chinooks and Seakings. Am I right in thinking Puma has now been retired?

    How many roles are there? Surely we only need a heavy lift capability, (chinook) and a utility helcopter that can also be navalised, (Merlin? Blackhawk/Seahawk?) Seahawk even comes in a S&R variant which would obviously help with commonality and costs.
  10. We also use BELL412,BELL212, Dauphin, Squillel,SS61n,Agusta 109, and Puma is to be retired by 2010
  11. Tropper - those AFs you mention - are most of those in very small numbers for incredibly specific roles? (ie Agusta is part of SF IIRC?)
  12. 8 flight dont have A109s now they got new Eurocopters back in the summer, the brand new 109s are in the Royal sqn
  13. I totally agree! A proper helicopter. :D

    No its not. (If you rewrite the role of the AAC)

    Heavy lift - Chinook
    Medium lift - Merlin
    Kill things - Apache
    Utility. This is where it gets difficult to quantify. Ideally you want an aircraft that has a reasonable lift capacity when required. Lets say it has the ability to carry 8 fully tooled up blokes (with this, it could do CASEVAC or FAME). ISTAR, again, ideally it should have the ability to be a good platform able to carry a decent amount of sensors for a suitable period of time on station. Airborne command post. CSW (Crew served weapon) should be a dedicated station and not mean a compromise in reduction of carrying ability due to volume of the cabin. And the main thing is it should be able to operate worldwide with little compromise in performance. I'll allow you to google to find the answer.

    The first three roles are fairly easy to fill as the types are pretty predictable and specific. 'Utility' can cover whatever you can afford/need and is often perceived as a 'luxury' but often forgotten because of the multitude of tasks it can carry out. If a 4 man team needs to get inserted into a position, would you use a Merlin? If you needed to overwatch a convoy, would you use a Chinook or a Merlin with a sensor bolted onto the side? If you needed to have an airborne co-ord on station, close in to the operation, would you use the above? If you didn't have enough AH assets but still needed to kill a medium or low value target, would you want an aircraft that had the ability to carry and use FFAR (Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket)? It really is the exam question. What do you want it to do and what can you afford?
  14. Cheers Flashy. I've got a fair idea what Google will give me already! :D

    Sorry to be a dullard, but if we have a heavy lift capacity, what is the purpose of medium lift? Is it simply a costs issue*, or does Merlin give us something Chinook can't?

    What exactly is FLynx role supposed to be?

    *be that purchase and/or through life and/or operational costs.
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Little experience in this, but I'm going to guess: Smaller target, faster, more economical (so longer in the air as much as a cost-saver in fuel), better maneuverability and ability to land/operate in more varied terrain, cheaper and we can have a few more...