F**king wimmen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Olympius, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. So anyway my girlfriend hands me her external hard drive to fix as she can't see it in XP but it works fine in my linux. So im thinking a quick format will get her to see it in her XP and vista.

    But as I'm about to copy all the stuff up I recall last week where she went through my phone because she "felt like it" not to mention getting into my msn which we had a right old brawl about. She found sh't all both times and now I wish I'd shagged every wonky eyed trollop that had glanced my way!!

    And being an IT bloke i think "f'uck it ill check what shes been up 2 as shes always checking up on me"

    So I go's and pull u her msn history....and find out she's cheated on me.

    Now this is a bird that I've been with for 3 years and during 2 and a half of those years she's accused me of cheating on her. Of being a party hard pi's head. And whilst I confess to the latter I've never f'ucking touched no other bi'tch. Being modest I occasionally get a lass ask for my number at the a club/pub/bar scene and in her head she's developed this obsession I'm a complete womaniser. I f'ucking wish I had been now!!! I put my entire life into this f'cuking bint for the last y3 years!!!! Every f'ucking saturday and friday when I'd go out all I'd get was "you better not chat other women up". Something I had no interest in.

    Andway I locked up my flat and just got slashed in the graveyaard after some priest woke me up screaming I was on someones grave spot and had pissed myself after drinking 18 beers in a go.

    Truly, this is the low point for Olympius. Take the pi's, laugh, share funny stories....anything to take my mind off the woman that's f'ucking robbed me of everything or offing myself!!
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You have her computor why not fill it full of chid porn and pop it into PC world for repair ?

    Does she know you know ?
  3. Any good photos on there?
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    should you wish to fill Arrse with naked photos of her we won't tell
  5. Sorry to hear your news mate. She assured me that the stuff on her computer could not be found. I'm the one with the walrus like tash.
  6. Ha ha yeah she knows. Just found it incredible like. For 2 years and a half I've suffered that f'ucking satan bitc'hs nagging about how I'm "obviously shag'ging behind her back" and turns out she was gettiin filled in her by her ex for the first 2 months of our relationship!!

    Bad times!

    Lol I've got enough phot's of her with her gash flailing round the air I could truly destroy her if I wanted. And nice one for filling her comp with pics of child pron but it's just not in me ya know?

    Rather drink myself into a stupor tonight and tomorro just focus on a clean cut away.

    F'ucking felt like offing myself for a considerable portion of this night though. I'm going to become a complete f'ucking man whore now!!
  7. LOL, I was well annoyed!!

    She refused to give me any bum love and there's you upending a tank full of man juice into her lower intestine!!!

    tut....Mrs Gorbachev....take out that butt plug.
  8. My bold. You could but you won't. Admirable. This gives you the moral high ground. Now get out there and get amongst it. You've got three years to make up for you hermer. :D
  9. Nice guys come last get the photos up.
  10. in fairness im not being that nice.

    I threw all her shit out and took he buzzer off the hook.

    Whats that I hear over the bass of Bloc Party?? I do believe that's the crazy bitch wanting a place to sleep tonight

    It's times like these that I sympathise with Ted Bundy
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Look on the bright side. She is now forever in your debt. You will get what ever deviant sexual request you ask for.


    The worlds your oyster.

    Do her up the arrse, shit on her tits and wash it off with your own piss, then kick her out, without being given the option of getting dressed.
  12. and when are you going to visit the "ex" who was doing your missus? :twisted:
  13. The last straw for me after ten years of snide remarks was being blatantly accused of having an affair with a friend's sister. I wasn't.

    Rich considering her ex was still living in their jointly owned £350K house in London rent free while I was paying rent on our flat of my savings. Between the two and a lot of other cr p it was enough to get me on my feet nad out the door - permanently.

    If you put a lot into a relationship, have a check every now and again whether you're being taken for granted.

    I was an angel for ten years. I'm not now :D
  14. And your waiting why??
  15. Mongy double post