F##King CSA

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Avre, May 18, 2007.

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  1. The CSA have just phoned me saying i am in arrears by 2 grand ish because for the last year i have not been paying enough !!! At no F##king time did anyone tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Told them to sod off and i am ashamed to say i went ballistic.

    CSA phoned me back and basically said that if i dont pay and extra £200 a month to clear it in a year they would take me to court or approach the pay master general etc, so stuck on my visa to get rid of it but as you can imagine not a happy bunny.

    The CSA for a number of years have consistantly got everything wrong and it winds me up i have never had an issue paying for my kids but it sickens me when i know civvies that are paying £10 a week who by whatever means are able to stick the finger up to the system and get away with it.

    This is the one thing that has the ability to wind me up to the point i could quite happily blow something up (metaphorically i mean before the secret squirrels come knocking at my door)

    I am doing my time and leaving this country for good dont know where ill go but i will go. The ideals i joined for have gone, the country is falling apart and it seems that those in power are nolonger accountable to the very people who put them their and who they are supposed to serve.

    Im rambling on this is a whole new thread.

    :x :x :x :x
  2. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer

    When you've calmed down, call them back. As for written evidence of the amount they say you owe. As them why they didn't tell you sooner that you were underpaying, like as soon as the payment should have changed. Ask them why you have had no notification of the new amount you should have been paying. Tell them that IF they can prove you owe the money, you're willing to pay it, but owing to that lack of communication from them, it must be to a timetable of your choosing, not one imposed by them.

    Don't get mad, ask to speak to a supervisor if the first person can't negotiate or grant your requests.

    And remember that to keep costs down, the govt. doesn't employ the sharpest knives in the box, or people with common sense. Keep going up the food chain until you find a reasonable person.

    And whatever you do - don't shout until AFTER the phone call :)
  3. yep thats the way life is, sh1t aint it!

    Produce lots of kids and dont work your given a mansion to live in, all free of course. Abanadon all these kids get a new place to live and get the state to to pay for your kids while you give bugger all. Typical.

    I was watching Wife Swap the ohter day and a woman from a family of four who lives on benefits said, theers nothing wrong with living on state benefits, thats why they are there. If everyone thought like her then there would be no money! Some people just shouldnt be allowed to exist.

    K I was rambling on about people on benefits but its the same bloody thing.

    As for your situation Avre, cos you've paid it not sure what you can do (is this extra money your gonna pay gonna go to your kids?) but you need to find out why they only now realised there was an error in the amount you were paying.
  4. Im having a fcuk on with CSA too, although in my case its a useless absent father who refuses to pay a penny to my 12 year old and never has done, even when he was in the army he never paid a penny and has since told people that the way to avoid the CSA is to keep changing jobs as it takes them for ever to chase them up!. I dont want his money but they say I have to have it (Im not on benefits, Im a student nurse). I feel for you Avre, youre doing what you were told to do and now they have realised they have fcuked up they are going to try blame you, I would agree with other posts and ask for breakdowns of awards and why your payments rose in the first place. Hope you sort this mess out.
  5. Just on a tangent point with CSA and JPA.
    If your CSA payment is an allotment from your main wage that shows on your pay slip pse be aware.
    If you receive a BACS payment during the month that is over the amount of your CSA allotment then it will be paid again. ie CSA get the money twice.
    Clerks werent aware of this and i noticed it early. Calling JPAC is useless as they cant recall the money for you. We all know how hard it is to get money back from CSA.
    So be very aware.
  6. Make sure they send you a full written breakdown of how they reached that sum - as we all know they are more than capable of getting it wrong. My husband was told that they couldn't claim for previous underpayments in one lump sum but would just adjust future payments.

    Good luck, deep breath and beer :D
  7. second the advice about phoning them bac - as I understand it the rules say that arrears can be negotiated, and that they have no right to demand such a short repayment period. Go and speak to the CAB for advice, they deal with CSA problems all the time.

    the fact that they havent informed you of a change in your payments seems to push the blame on them, in which case they are supposed to not enforce arrears (but try anyway)

    best advice with csa is to pay ONLY by standing order - refuse any other proposal, that way they cannot change things at their own will.
  8. Now the red mist has settled, i will appeal however on speaking to them again the bottom line is they made a mistake in the assement Jan last year, i should have been paying more than i was (i dont have an issue with the new figure) the issue is they were aware of this in Feb 06 and i quote " due to lack of resources you were not informed" so it took over a year for my case to come to the top of the pile and for someone to phone me and tell me im not paying enough!

    Their is no flexabilty in the system to write off the money bearing in mind the mother of my children is happy with what she gets.

    No matter who i speak to its the same we are sory for not informing you but you owe arrears on the account and those arrears need to be settled !!!

    What do i want ? i wont the arrears wrote off their off and to start paying the correct amount the chances of this happening NIL.
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer

    I suggest you take the previous poster's advice and contact the CAB, or a lawyer. If the CSA has admitted they made the mistake, you must have grounds for asking for a write-off. When you consider how many highly-paid individuals get away with paying nothing by hiding in self-employment, or the 'gentleman' mentioned here who keeps changing jobs - you at least have done nothing wrong, and must have a strong case. Persevere, if you have the energy.
  10. I did put an argument forwar with tax credits that becuase they took so long to inform me the debt should be written off, im sure if id carried on fighting it i would of won based on that fact - there should be some sort of booklet that lists on what circumstances an overpayment does not need to be paid - this booklet exists with tax credits and may exist with CSA, suggest you look into that.

    As long as your ex feels she can bring up your kids well with the momey you currentl give her then I say fight it all the way, but as the previous posts say keep your cool.
  12. I have had many issues with the CSA. I was paying £245.00 per month for 2 children. Quite happy to do so and have never shirked out of paying.

    My eldest left school and started working. I informed CSA and 4 weeks later I received a letter stating that my payments had risen to £325.00.

    Not being quite able to get my head around this I requested an interview and asked them if they took into account my personal circumstances. Re-married, 2 x kids, 1 on way.

    They upped payments to £410.00.

    It has taken me three years to get this sorted. I am now paying £275.00.

  13. ...as a Govt employee you're a sitting duck:(
  14. Have recently had dealings with the CSA which had been going on for a year. Finally wrote a five page sh*togram telling them to get their act sorted. Copied to CSA Chief Exec, Local MP and Minister for State for Department of Work & Pensions. Gave them ten days before I would

    a. Contact national press naming every single person with whom I've had dealings during the last year (sensibly, I asked names and kept records)

    b. Instigate legal proceedings seeking 'major compensation' against Agency and ALL named individuals.

    The only person that I have not heard back from is the Minister, and the CSA have now got their arrses in gear and sorted my problem, all within the ten days they were given.

    Worked for me, may work for others. Good luck!
  15. How about this one, I am re married with 2 kids and pay CSA for my 2 kids from a previous, I have no objection in Paying for my children, however, when I was re assesed, taking into account my 2 kids in my current marrige, I recieved an assesment of Nil (at this point I did call my ex to arrange a mutual agreeable amount) , how supprised was I, naturaly my ex appealed, low and behold, I recieve a further assesment of £430 a month, when I questioned this, I went right to the top, I was told that they had taken my MSQ charges to read weekly as opposed to monthly on the first assesment, the moral, move out into private accom, although the way that MSQ charges are going up I think that I will be asking for a re assesment very soon.