F**kin Army Cadets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Magician, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. As a former Platton Sergeant Instructor at Princess Marina College Arborfield I used to come across some Highly Intelligent & Smart individuals and then there were also the ones that were Former Army Cadets!!!

    I had one little Gobshite (Two Weeks into his training) one day tell me that he was taught a different way of how to "Mark Time" by his Army Cadet SSgt and he believed I may have got it wrong !!!!!!!!

    My reply went something like this.

    “I am not a Barclay’s Banker, a Sunblest Fcuking Lorry Driver, Solicitor, or even a Shagging Accountant, I am a Fcuking Sergeant in the Scots Guards and I am certainly not your Fcuking Army Cadet Paedophile Instructor who could not instruct you on a basic fcuking drill movement Cpl **** Fcuking Lock Him Up".

    Has any one else met litte Gobshites in training?

    Nothing like throwing a few good fcuks


  2. Not the thread I was hoping for.
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  3. Hey - are your initials RD? I was there '91 time.
  4. Maybe he was right,are Platton Sgts similar to Platoon Sgts?

    :D :D
  5. Wasn't there a film called Platton, Lust for Glory?
  6. Yes, it was filmed in Belfast on a cold winters night :)
  7. I did see fairly recently someone badged SG instructing a mixed bag of Cadets.

    Drawing himself up to his full 5' 6", wearing shades, one hand in pocket, and chewing gum - he then told them something that was, err .... wrong.

    My tongue was severely bitten.
  8. Every summer we get hordes of air cadets descending on our unit. Now dont get me wrong, Ive actually got nothing against the little feckers, at least they're not standing around on some street corner scaring grannies, but, the ones that grip my sh1t are the older ones with rank.

    You know the ones, they drive up in their own cars with their Flight Sgt rank slides or WO rank covered in "best at sewing" badges and think they're something special. "Can I have a pass, Im Flight Sgt Fcuknuts!!"
    "Sure you can CADET!! Get your arrse over to the guardroom!"

    These feckers are old enough to sign up for real but keep hanging on to that little bit of power they have over the younger kids. Little sh1ts that they are.
  9. I dont know why but this fella reminds me of Chinooks Dad! Remember him?
  10. It's always best to keep the relationship with them plattonic.
  11. What even when you have to backsquid someone?
  12. I was a cadet, many many moons ago and remember the day on the drill square when I grew up. Being taught the about turn by a moody mean full screw, srill sgt, platoon sgt when I piped up - "Corporal, I was taught in the cadets to do it T L V then off, can we do it that way?"

    I cant remember how many times he ran me round the square before gaoling me, I cant remember how many times I bumpered the floor, I cant remember how many times the Provo smacked me in the head to ensure that all that stoopid cadet stuff had left my head leaving an empty recepticle - training for the use of.
  13. Who wuz a silly billy then? :lol:
  14. Who wuz a silly billy then? :lol: