F**ked duck

In the days of the recession, a family had trapped some ducks. As they needed some things only money could buy, the father requested his three sons take a duck each and travel around trying to sell them. They agreed and headed off on seperate ways.

The youngest of them knocked on the door of a nearby farm house and a shapely young blonde farm girl answered the door.

"Excuse me sweetheart," said the guy, "I'm wondering if you would be interested in buying this duck?"

She replied, "I'd like that plump duck but I haven't got any money to spare, how about a f**k for it?" she asked.

He didn't hesitate and replied, "Sure!".

After they'd done the deal, the lonely farm girl said "Wow that was great, if you f**k me again, you can have the duck back."

So he did and afterwards headed off along the road with the duck still under his arm. A large truck roared past him which frightened the duck so much that it jumped out of his arms and right under the wheels where it was squashed. The truck driver stopped and got out to and felt full of remorse, so offered the guy a pound for his trouble.

That evening as they all gathered around the table, the father asked them how they did.

The first son replied, "I did good dad, I got three quid for my duck."

The second son replied, "I did better than him, I got five quid."

Then the third son leaned back in his chair showing a cheeky grin and said, "I did better than all of you ... I got a f**k for a duck, a duck for a f**k and a quid for a f**ked up duck!".
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