F**k the Troops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tropper66, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. F**king hypocrit Fiona Sokolova is one of the people on the FTT site but she is a Canadian Lesbian living with her girlfriend Lolly Fullerton in Leipzig,now I find it f**king hilarious that these two hate soldiers, but had they lived there 70/80 years ago they would have been sent to a concentration camp, had it not been for the acts of the soldiers they hate, what a pair of dickheads
  2. Feeling better to have got that off your chest Tropper?

    Yes? Good. Now if you'd like to restate your point in English....
  3. Any Hi-Res photo's or vids of this girl on girl action?

    Humour them, I bet one of them dresses up like hitlet in the bedroom!!
  4. Oh. I thought you were promoting a new dating website. Imagine my disappointment...

  5. :lol:

    Surely you don't mean all? 8O
  6. I'm surprised at you Tropper, you haven't mentioned the time you spent living in Leipzig .....with two lesbians.......a filipino ladyboy......and.......a troop of trained, pole-dancing capuchin monkeys.
  7. My greatest downfall is my generosity...
  8. Spare a fiver for a cup of coffee
  9. Not in my book.
  10. Yeah silly bitch, keep your opinions to yourse............

    Lesbian's did you say? Whooooaa let's not be too hasty and hear the girl out! :lol:
  11. I am spending every spare fiver I have on cigarettes and cider because today is my birthday and my unreliable dinner companion has gone and cancelled on me which leaves me in a bit of a quandary: do I rustle up a date and spend the evening with a stranger or do I stay home eat birthday cake and get pissed with only the cat and BBC4 for entertainmet?
    What would arrse do?
  12. Get rat arrsed on the cider, smoke the tabs and practice your surprise sex technique on the cat you can then cosy up together nonchalantly eating the birthday cake.
  13. I should have all 12 of my children tucked up in bed by eight, seen as it's a special occasion I'll even trim my nose hair for yo 8)