really want to go out and run today, but it is absolutley blizzarding with snow, if it wasn't falling i would go out and run in the snow but it has been chucking it down all day
I agree with everyone else!!

Shut up and run!!

IF anything it can help you more by running in the snow due to the extra energy required over running in normal conditions
Buy some cross-country skis. I tell you, an hour bashing round your park with those on is all the exercise you'll need, especially with a pack on.
Sorry cant reply just now, going downhill fast on my skis. Yeodellooooittty!!
Damn, I wish I knew I could use snow for an excuse when I was doing basic training..

Now you tell me..
i would go out and run but at present it is like a blizzard outside, if it stops falling i will go
Mr_Deputy said:
mwl946 said:
Mr_Deputy said:
mwl946 said:
It's winter FFS............................
he's a geordie ffs!

(notice I put Geordie in lower case in reference to him/it.)
that explains a lot :D

we ve had snow here for two weeks (not that i ve been running in it mind you)
that's helpful (considering it says 'here there and everywhere' in your sig block thing.)
I was out running for 3 and a half hours on saturday morn in our pretty deep snow here (its been up to 14-18 " - pics to prove it!) and I'm darn in the soft sarf (we are quite high up and have had real snow.) It was fcking brilliant out running in it. Plus you can run on golf courses as no one is playing.
Sorry, Scotland!! Im too old for the running caper but the dog and I have enjoyed some tramps in the hills, snow or no snow

Edited to say "hikes" rather than "tramps" as realised it sounded bad :oops:
Dandy-Angus said:
Rip up some old white bed sheets and pretend your in Norway and get out running, that way your practising your artic cam skills and getting fit at the same time ffs !! :roll:
Quite. Roll in the gutter first though to get that authentic North Eastern slush effect.

For the rest of you, behold: that blue stuff rolling down the East coast is more snow so all of us dahn sarf can start making a run for home before that one flake that brings us to a halt falls. Timing is CET.


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