Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Soldier_Why, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I don't believe it, I really don't - you couldn't make it up........

    Earlier today I received a signal from APC along the lines of "we've (APC) fcuked up and paid almost £4000 Boarding School Allowance to the wrong soldier, ring (name and number given) urgently!"

    So I duly ring up and the phone was answered by what I can only assume was one of the YTS trainees up there (not the name on the signal).  I ask for the person I want to speak to by name only to be told in no uncertain terms that I had no right to ring that number direct and should now be going through their "new" helpline number.  I was dumbfounded!  I told the person at Glasgow who I was and that the signal had requested me to ring urgently.  Was that good enough? Oh No!  "Units are not to ring individual desks directly" I was qouted.

    At that point I gave up - told them if they didn't want their 4 grand back that was up to them, and hung up.

    2 minutes later, bloke who wrote the original signal calls me up arrse lickin' like a good 'un. ;D

    (Incidentally, I'd already picked up the fact that one of the soldiers had been overpaid 4k and got it back off him, but it was nice to have Glasgow squirm for a bit.) ;)
  2. I have a cunning plan, my Lord.......After the latest chapter in the 16 year saga of "How the Army F**ked up my pay"...I have been trying to get my pay sorted out for 6 months now and if it is not correct on my (late) pay statement I am going for the formal leeter of complaint to the CO and.................a trip to the med centre saying that the whole thing is just too stressful and making me impotent, insomniac and generally turning me into a homicidal maniac..may not get my pay sorted but I should get a few weeks gardening leave out of it!!!
  3. Te good news-they sorted my pay out

    the bad news-I need a plan B to get some time off-answers welcome
  4. Try putting your underpants on top of your head and stick two pencils up your nose.  
  5. Or beat up an Iraqi POW
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Or rejoin the Royal Regiment of Artillery from the AGC.  ;) .  
  7. Are you sure it was Glasgow and the switchboard wasn't in Delhi where all the best switchboards have been relocated to?  ;D

  8. Some ideas a just plain silly-now where are my spare pare of y fronts

  9. if you want time off work then go and buy a quality medical book listing all the injuries and illnesses to man.
    then just pick one that you can fake the symptoms to and hey presto your ill as f**k and off work. of course they is the chance that the med center will just give you iburophen a sick chit and 3 days in trainers.
  10. In Glasgow, a telephone operative is paid an average of £5.23 per hour.
    In India, a telephone operative is paid an average of £9.00 per month.
    That is why the army personnel centre has its call centres in Bombay and Calcutta.

    At the army personnel centre, Glasgow, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge. :twisted: :twisted:
  11. It really has become sad. All you have on the outside for banks, utility companies etc are call centres, manned by very helpful individuals (and a few plainly unhelpful individuals too) and the whole process of calling them became hard work.

    So what did APC do? yes they have a call centre which is staffed by well meaning individuals that are basically the human form of post it notes (and oh yes, you have to queue to speak to them) and they have 7 days to give a response to a problem. What a quality service that is: 'sorry Cpl Snooks, come back in a week for the answer to your query'.

  12. It's not just the APC; I am still awaiting a reply, despite several hasteners, from the MoD Contracts Branch, whose office is also located in Glasgow, to a letter sent in February.

    Excuses for failing to respond in the past have included a claim that they only have one working computer in the building, or that there's a fault with the telephone system which has resulted in only one telephone working.

    Best of all was when the relocated a few doors down the street - not only did they not notify people corresponding with them (due to cost, apparently), they then claimed that any post sent to the old address was not delivered because no arrangements for forwarding were made.

    Bunch of Jock tossers, all of 'em! :evil:
  13. For once it would be nice to read an intelligent response to Glasgow call centre.
    If you actually read your DSPSI (yes thats the big paper thing you are using to keep your desk straight or to wipe your arrse with).

    It states 24 hours response, NOT 7 days. They have 7 days to fix the problem.

    If used correctly its a very easy system to use, so its ideal for most soldiers and the majority of the AGC corps.

    If you don't like the call centre that much or Glasgow as a whole, put your money where your mouth is, go to your RAO and ask him to put a complaint through Brigade to DSPSA.

    Charming, nice to see the AGC is as eloquent as ever.

    AGC - Bunch of whining b@stards, all of 'em.
  14. congratulations you have read the DSPSI too, how many times out of 10 have you had a response within 24 hours? And when phoning APC how may times have you been told that their remit is 7 days?

    Now on the numerous visits I have made to APC on many pretexts, I have found them a jolly amenable bunch face to face and I didnt find the fabled 'in tray mountain' that was supposed to exist.

    I mourn the passing of an instant response from a desk officer and the solution at hand. To pass complaints through SPS Branch to DPSA has been the standard procedure for at least 12 months and to date there has been zero response.

    So your suggestion about using that DSPSI to wipe my backside seems apt.
  15. Its not "the ARMY" that fucks up your pay , it is a person somwhere that really dosnt care about you. A clerk ....could even be a civi. I have had plenty of times i have had to go to the pay office and you would not beleive the answers these morons can come out with. Sometimes you will get a really good egg that will try their best 2 help you, but you also on the other hand get the one that cannot handle pressure. Gone are the days where the Coy clk was a bloke from your own regt, civies are takin over and for the worse.