Sorry if this is in the wrong place but...

I recieved a Nokia N97 as a free upgrade today and im happy with what ive got so whacked it on ebay to add to the Other halfs birthday fund.

HOWEVER- Twice now today someone has done the "buy it now" option and not paid the money through paypal, despite saying they have and sending me weird messages about it.

Question is,. is there any way I can stop these Lagos Internet cafe wnakers from fcuking up my girlfriends birthday fund!?

Cheers in advance for any replies
Sell it on Amazon

Try here, I think it's got the step-by-step that you need.
Mate, i had the same sh*te recently when i tried selling a N96.

Some scamming mong tried to convince me he'd paid, when he hadn't. Then the cheeky cnut posed as someone from Paypal saying there was an issue with a "payment" for the phone, and after logging in, i'd be able to access the payment.

Crafty, cheeky twat!!! I did reply to it, by saying that they were talking sh*te, hey actually replied,saying they would be suspending my account etc etc...!!!

My advice, send off an email to ebay reporting it. They'll advise you from there on.

Be aware, their scam emails are very good!!!

Tell me about it! Ebay is slowly getting unusable for some things. I had a similar issue with Buy It Now on a watch that I was selling. The worst thing was that it took weeks and weeks for Ebay to acknowledge that there was a problem, and they kept refusing to refund the money for the listing that was ruined by some c*ck!

I personally would never use a Buy It Now on any auction that I was running again, it's just not worth it. Put it on a 10 day auction, and don't go for anyone that writes and asks you to end it early, you'll get good money for it and your rights with Ebay are much, much stronger and easy to deal with on a straight auction without buy it now, just report them as a non paying bidder, they'll get a strike and you get to relist for free and an automatic refund of the selling fees with no hassle.

My watch went for nearly £1200 in the end, some £200 over the buy it now that I had it down for when it got buggered up. Stick it out, it'll pay off.
Just tried to put it on Amazon but it says I need a VAT number to sell items? Fcuked off with the scammers now as need a quick sale for the Mrs fund!!!! CCCCAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNTTTTSSSS!!!!
No some General whos son is a Nigerian Prince has just offered me £500,000 for it so you can fcuk right off chief!!!

Must be my lucky day!!!
make it "immediate payment required". that way, if someone clicks buy it now, it wont be officially sold and taken off ebay until you have the money. obviously you need to make paypal the primary payment for this, but most people use it these days any how.
You may find you will struggle to sell it.

The N97 is not as popular as they had hoped it would be.

I put my sons on there for £300 brand new,Tried it for a couple of weeks,got no joy.A couple of times the auction was wrecked by people bidding £1000,then sending a mail offering £200.

I used one of the companys above and just took £265 for it.
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