F.I.S.T.ing Acceptable in the Infantry?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wg100, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I thought they summed it up pretty well! After all why would HMG pay £1000 for something when they can get the same thing but heavier with less capabilities for £5000!

    Think Bowman, BATES, SA80 the list goes on and on!
  2. A decent (ish) article, well, it makes some valid points.

    "Interestingly, under current plans our soldier's basic pay will still be about £14k pa. This, despite the fact that he's doing a literally life and death, mission-critical job, personally carrying well over a hundred grand's worth of stuff and perhaps directing other things which cost tens of millions. His pension scheme is good, of course, but the sting in the tail is that the army can, and often does, throw you out after 22 years - so, in fact, most soldiers don't get the kind of pleasant retirement that, say, policemen or firefighters do. In the case of infantrymen, they're also significantly less likely to live that long."
  3. I suggest you read lions donkeys and dinosaurs if this kind of thing turns you on.
  4. My flatmate works for an engineering firm that was submitting to build new tech kit for RE.
    They didn't get it.
    The MOD could not beleive that a company new to the defence industry arena could deliver a system at the price they were offering....and so went to another company who offered them an inferior system at about three or four times the price.
    And they'll they pinch pennies on LOA/RILOR etc etc.
  5. Analysis Anyone who likes gadgets should give some thought to joining the infantry. Okay, the pay is peanuts, the work is grim, you'll have to live in a baking fortified camp in Southwest Asia, where you might easily get blown up, shot, or have to strip naked and fight your buddies with rollmats. But you will get some neat toys. Already the soldiery have thermal imagers, night sights, headset radios, and a military wireless network called Bowman.

    Continues here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/05/army_tech_obsolete/
  6. worth keeping an eye on, but you'll never make initiative obselete (sp?) .
    looked like some good kit, not sure how much is actually needed , does the Susat need replacing? monoical is allready in , LLM all ready in use, your gonna need an extra pouch for all the batteries mind you. intresting article tho.
  7. Interesting article. It follows in the mode of suggestions of 20-30 years ago, the military will spend vast sums on a ruggedising a piece of equipment that will survive fire, shock, being run over by a tank etc... BUT because of the cost only one piece of equipment can be supplied per platoon whereas if the item was produced to a lower spec EVERY man in the platoon could be issued with that piece of equipment and with lots of change to spare. It wouldn't matter if one was run over and destroyed by a tank cos everyone else has one. In military equipment costing terms the item is disposable.
  8. Only none military & sceptics dislike the L85A2, never heard an army chap degrade it.
    I think the FIST program was flawed from the start, the reason being is that they asked too little of it and still the contractor expects it to be a limited issue system and it comes too late -- 2015 seems to be a little stupid for something that does less than the US version that comes out in 2013.

    Technology and the world will also change by then.
  9. Yep...Bugger.
  10. Let's be honest.The L85 in all it's various forms took far too long to sort out and Not one single country has bought any of the damm things. Even the Falklands Islands Defence force bought something else. The only muppets using L85 are poor saps we offloaded a batch to for "free"

    As for the general thrust of the article. He's completely and utterly correct in every single point. I seem to recall being told a figure that would pay for a small schools network for the price of one military hardened laptop via a well known and fully capable Government contract IT consultancy. Oddly enough you could pick up Hardened laptops for $1207 dollars.